In the beginning of the 1740s, François and Louis-Joseph Verendrye explored the area that is now the state of Montana, representing France. In 1803, the Louisiana Purchase was made, which put most of what is now Montana into the hands of the United States.

The western part of Montana belonged to England, prior to it being acquired by the United States. However, before the United States obtained it in 1846, as part of the Oregon Treaty, several American forts and posts had been started in the area. There were several types of mining industries that kept Montana economically sound in its early days. Some of those mining industries were: Copper, Lead, Zinc, Silver, Coal, Oil.

Montana Counties – The Montana Territory was organized on May 26, 1864. The State of Montana was created as the 41st state onNovember 8, 1889. States that border Montana are North Dakota, Idaho, WyomingSouth Dakota, British Columbia, Canada  and Alberta, Canada to the north. Montana has 56 Counties. The capital is Helena and the official state website is

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