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A large part of what is now Wyoming was originally ceded to the United States from France. That took place when the Louisiana Purchase was made, which was in 1803. However, the western portion of Wyoming did not become part of the United States until they acquired it from Great Britain, which was in 1846 as part of the Oregon Treaty. Two years after the treaty was signed, the Mexican War came to an end.

The first known white person to travel through what is now Wyoming was a fur-trapper by the name of John Colter. He passed through the Yellowstone region in 1807 and reported back about its hot springs and geysers. From 1812 to 1813, the Oregon Trail was pioneered by a man named Robert Stuart. Wyoming’s first permanent trading post was established at Fort Laramie several years later, in 1834.

Wyoming Counties – The Wyoming Territory, was organized on May 19, 1869. The State of Wyoming was created as the 15th state on July 10, 1890. It has 23 Counties. Wyoming borders Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, Utah and Idaho. The Wyoming State Capital is in Cheyenne and the state government website is wyoming.gov.

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Getting Started with Wyoming Genealogy and Family Trees

Searching for Wyoming Genealogy Information – Think of Wyoming and you probably think of cowboys, mountains, and open country. A lot of people passed through Wyoming as America expanded, and many settled permanently. This is why there is such a large interest in information for Wyoming genealogy, and this article will cover the basic steps necessary for good research.

A Basic Approach for Wyoming Genealogy Research – To search for Wyoming genealogy materials requires only a few basic steps. The first is to use the computer to find out if your preferred archives or resources have been “digitized” and made available on the Internet. Knowing when materials for Wyoming genealogy are available online is important because it will save you from making unnecessary trips to libraries or archives.

Although many organizations have made their collections available electronically, it is important that the first steps in your search for Wyoming genealogy information uncovers the different groups of records that can be accessed from a home computer, and which need you to book an appointment and make a visit. Should a document or item require a visit to an “offline” location, most good websites will still be able to ensure that the materials you need for Wyoming genealogy are actually at the site in question.

Standard Records for Wyoming Genealogy Data – Generally, state specific genealogy research work starts in public records, and these tend to fall under three headings or categories. You must learn the differences if you want to streamline your search for Wyoming genealogy materials, and these categories are:

  • Vital Records – these are birth, marriage, divorce and death records from county, state, and national archives. They can include cemetery or obituary information, census records, newspaper items, military records, immigration and naturalization details, and passenger lists and records as well. These tend to be available as online or offline resources for Wyoming genealogy.
  • State Records – ranging from probate information to surname lists, state census information, private manuscripts, newspapers, military or veterans information, marriage details, maps, land records, genealogical folders, estate information, deeds, death records, cemetery information, birth certificates and more, these are available as online and offline resources for Wyoming genealogy.
  • Local Records – state research will generally start in a county clerk’s office or website, and then move on to historical societies, local genealogical societies, small local libraries, and school or college libraries for Wyoming genealogy materials. These are items that are usually offline and viewable by appointment or special arrangement

Best Sources for Wyoming Genealogy Information and Materials – These are the resources that can direct you to the information most needed for Wyoming genealogy research:

  • Office of Vital Records and Statistics, Vital Statistics Services, Hathaway Building, Cheyenne, WY 82002;
    Website: http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/w2w/wyoming.htm.
    This is location from which you may order birth, death, marriage and divorce records via a written request or even through an online form.

Additional state and local records can be found at the:

  • Wyoming State Archives, Barrett Building, 2301 Central Avenue, Cheyenne, WY 82002;
    Website: http://wyoarchives.state.wy.us/

Also, consider using the incredible resources at the Wyoming State Historical Society’s websit at: http://wyshs.org/

Wyoming Genealogy Databases and other Helpful Links

Finally, these  websites give researchers a tremendous amount of state-specific details for those in search for Wyoming genealogy data.