Throughout its early history, Florida was controlled at various times by Spain, England, and France. Those periods of possession are: 1513, Discovery; 1565-1763, First Spanish Colonial Period; 1763-83, British Colonial Period; 1784-1821, Second Spanish Period; 1821-45, U.S. Territorial Period; 1845, Became the 27th U.S. State.

Now known mostly as a place where vacationers head to enjoy the pleasant weather and wonderful attractions, the state of Florida is also incredibly historic. There are many historical organizations, museums, and groups that can be of tremendous use to those looking for Florida genealogy material.

Florida Counties – The Florida Territory was organized on March 30, 1821. The State of Florida was created as the 27th state on March 3, 1845. It has 67 Counties. The State of Florida is bordered by Georgia and Alabama. The capital is Tallahassee and the official state website is

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