Maine was settled by a few small groups back in 1626. However, it wasn’t until 1639 that the land between Piscataqua and Sagadahock was chartered to sir Ferdinand Gorges. That is when the Province of Maine was born.

Maine was settled by a few small groups back in 1626. However, it wasn’t until 1639 that the land between Piscataqua and Sagadahock was chartered to sir Ferdinand Gorges. That is when the Province of Maine was born.

The people of Maine requested to be under the jurisdiction of Massachusetts and they got their wish in 1652. Congress declared the district to be an independent state on March 16, 1820. There were many acts of cruelty and major problems in the early days of Maine’s history.

Before statehood, Maine was officially part of the state of Massachusetts and was called the District of Maine. Maine was granted statehood on March 15, 1820 as part of the Missouri Compromise. Nine of the sixteen counties had their borders defined while Maine was still part of Massachusetts, and hence are older than the state itself.

Maine Counties – The District of Maine (Part of Massachusetts) was organized on 1778. The State of Maine was created as the 23rd state on March 15, 1820. States bordering Maine are New Hampshire in the west and Canada to the north. It has 16 Counties. The Maine State Capital is in Augusta and the state government website is

Getting Started with Maine Genealogy and Family Trees

A Guide for Maine Genealogy Research – Though it is massive and seemingly made up of gorgeous coastline or craggy mountains, the state of Maine is much more. It has a remarkable history that is full of all kinds of characters and events. Because of its maritime background and its shared borders with Canada, as well as its association with Native American peoples, there is a large demand for Maine genealogy materials. The state has a lot of them available, and many online!

Methods of Searching for Maine Genealogy Information – This is the age of information. We can get details about almost anything over the Internet and this is the reason that all genealogists should begin their work at a computer too. When searching for Maine genealogy information you can simply go online and use the many Maine resources in order to ask for copies of historical materials or simply to gather data.

Because there are so many resources online it does not mean that everything you need for Maine genealogy is available electronically, and this means that research for Maine genealogy materials also has to take offline locations into consideration as well. It is necessary for you to identify the resources to use for Maine genealogy, and to learn which can serve as online resources, and which cannot.

Your Best Tactics for Maine Genealogy Research – Most research begins with readily available public records, and these tend to also be the easiest online resources for Maine genealogy. They are found in the following places:

  • State Records – from probate information to birth certificates, cemetery information, death records, deeds, estate information, genealogical folders, land records, maps, marriage details, military or veterans information, newspapers, private manuscripts, state census information, surname lists and more, such records are available as online and offline resources for Maine genealogy.
  • Local Records – state research tends to start in the county clerk’s office or at their website, and then moves on to the local genealogical societies, small local libraries, historical societies, and school or college libraries for Maine genealogy materials. These are items that are usually offline and viewable by appointment or special arrangement.
  • Vital Records – these will always cover the basic birth, marriage, divorce and death records from county, state, and national archives. These might also contain census records, newspaper items, military records, immigration and naturalization details, cemetery or obituary information, and passenger lists and records as well. These are going to be available as online or offline resources for Maine genealogy.

Your Best Locations for Maine genealogy Information – Which are the best resources for Maine genealogy work? Below we have provided details and links for some of the best for Maine genealogy:

  • Office of Vital Records Maine Department of Health and Human Services, 244 Water Street , #11 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0011; Website:

This is where anyone can order birth, death, marriage and divorce records via a written request or even online.

Additional state and local records can be found at the:

  • Maine State Archives, Cultural Building, State House Complex , 230 State Street, Augusta, Maine 04333

The Cultural Building also houses the Maine State Library and the Maine State Museum. Website:

The Maine State Archives is a massive treasury of information for a genealogist seeking materials for Maine genealogy projects of all kinds. There are all of the vital records imaginable, but there is also a tremendous archive of photos and documents relating to many different groups and periods of state history.

Also, consider using the Maine State Genealogy Page at: