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The benefits and significance of Maine military records in family history and genealogical research for ancestors that were veterans are evident but Maine military records can also be crucial to researchers whose immediate ancestors weren’t soldiers in any war. Due to the volume of genealogical information and facts covered in some Maine military pension files they ought to not be disregarded throughout the research process.Massachusetts Military Records need to be consulted for all wars that pre-date Maine’s statehood. Yearly Civil War soldier reports were published based on the Maine adjutant general’s holdings and included militia lists. The Maine State Archives is home to records from World War I and World War II. It is also home to unpublished Spanish-American War records. Service records through World War I, Civil War soldier card indexes, and grave records for War of 1812, Civil War, and Revolutionary War soldiers can all be found at the Maine State Archives as well. Veterans who served in World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War are also listed according to town of residence.

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  • Maine, Veterans Cemetery Records, 1676-1918 ( Card file of veteran cemetery records located at the Maine State Archives. Cards are arranged by war then alphabetical by surname. The index cards may contain dates of birth, death and place of death and burial. The Index covers King Philip’s War through World War I.
  • Maine, Compiled Military Records, 1812-1865  ( This database contains an index extracted from various Maine military records from the War of 1812 through the Civil War and Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) records from 1937. This index provides numerous details extracted from records on three different groups of men: soldiers from Maine who served in the War of 1812, Maine sailors who enlisted in the Navy primarily in the years 1861–1865, and men from New England who served in CCC camps in Maine and New Hampshire in 1937. Index entries can include (depending on the original record type)
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Maine in the Colonial War

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  • Maine Pensioners, 1835 – This database identifies thousands of Maine soldiers who were covered under various pension acts in the early 1800s. Most entries list name of soldier, rank, area of military service, and other important information. Those researchers with ancestors in this region will find this military database of particular value.
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  • Maine in the War of 1812

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    Maine in the Civil War

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    • Maine Military Men, 1917-1918  ( One of the largest armed conflicts in human history, World War One involved soldiers from the United States beginning in 1917. This database is a collection of military records for men who served in the war from Maine. Originally compiled in 1929, it provides the names for men who served in the army, navy, and marines. A list of nurses is also included. In addition to providing the individual’s name, it reveals city of residence, unit of service, birth date or age, and other helpful facts. It also contains the location and date of enlistment and discharge information. The names of about 36,300 men are included in the collection. For researchers of Maine ancestors who may have served in the “Great War,” this can be an informative database.