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American military history in Connecticut began with the establishment of the colonial militia early in the seventeenth century, primarily to fight against attacks from native inhabitants. The uses and value of Connecticut military records in genealogical research for ancestors who were veterans are obvious, but Connecticut military records can also be important to researchers whose direct ancestors were not soldiers in any war. Due to the amount of genealogical information contained in some Connecticut military pension files, they should never be overlooked during the research process.

Beginning with records from the Pequot War, there are many published Connecticut Military records.

There is no compiled listing of Connecticut Loyalists, but many citizens of Connecticut were Loyalists at the time of the war. So, when the war ended, many of them fled over the Canadian border.

Many military transcripts and related documents are held by the Connecticut Historical Society. There is also a death index for veterans from Connecticut. It can be found at the Connecticut State Library.

Connecticut in the Colonial War

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Connecticut in the Revolutionary War

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Connecticut in the War of 1812

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Connecticut in the Civil War

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Connecticut Modern Wars

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  • Connecticut Servicemen, Spanish American War  ( This database lists the men who served from Connecticut in the war, the Philippine Insurrection and the China Relief Expedition between 21 April 1898 and 4 July 1904. Taken from records kept by the Adjutant General, researchers will find the volunteer’s name, rank, residence of induction, and birthplace. Providing information on over 3800 men, it includes men who served in the Army, Navy and Marine Corps.
  • Connecticut, Adjutant-General Report, 1901  ( This database contains the report of the adjutant-general to the commander-in-chief of the state of Connecticut for the year ending 30 September 1901
  • Connecticut, Military Census, 1917  ( The Connecticut “Military Census” was taken in 1917–1918 at the direction of the General Assembly with an eye to assessing manpower available for war and other resources in the state. The census included surveys on agriculture, factories, and even automobiles, but the forms included here are questionnaires filled out by men ages 16 and over.
  • Connecticut State Register, 1924 Government & Military records

Further Reading

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  • Rolls of Connecticut Men in the French and Indian War, 1755–1762. Vol. 9 and 10. Hartford: Connecticut Historical Society, 1903–05.
  • In Search of Your Canadian Roots (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1989) for a discussion of United Empire Loyalists.
  • Record of Service of Connecticut Men in the War of the Revolution, War of 1812, Mexican War. Hartford: Connecticut General Assembly, 1889. Transcripts of original papers with a cross-index to all records. Connecticut provided large numbers in the ranks of patriots and the largest number of African-American soldiers from all the colonies (see African Americans).
  • Record of Service of Connecticut Men in the Army and Navy of the United States During the War of Rebellion. Hartford: Case, Lockwood, and Brainard Co., 1889.
  • Record of Service of Connecticut Men in the Army, Navy and Marine Corps of the United States in the Spanish-American War. Hartford: Case, Lockwood, and Brainard Co., 1919.
  • Service Records: Connecticut Men and Women in the Armed Forces of the United States During World War I 1917–1920. Hartford: Office of the Adjutant General,[1941?].