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New York, which was also known as New Netherlands at one point, included what is now New Jersey in colonial times. In 1664, the Dutch surrendered to England. A year later, Governor Philip Carteret took leadership of the newly-organized British colony of New Jersey.

A group of English Quakers gained some New Jersey land from Lord Berkeley in 1676, which left the colony split into the Quaker land and the land governed by Governor Carteret. In 1702, the area transitioned into a united crown colony under the Royal Governor of New York. Then, in 1738, New York and New Jersey finally became separate colonies. Governorship of New Jersey was given to Lewis Morris.

New York Counties – The Province of New Jersey, was established in 1664 and disestablished in 1776. The State of New Jersey was created as the 3rd state on December 18, 1787. It has 62 Counties. States the border New Jersey are New York, New Jesrsey and Delaware. The New Jersey State Capital is in Trenton and the state government website is

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When the American Revolutionary War took place, New Jersey became a focal point in the war, because it was centrally located between Philadelphia, New Jesrsey and New York City.

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