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United states military heritage in Vermont started out with the creation of the colonial militia early in the seventeenth century mainly to fight against attacks from native inhabitants. The uses and value of Vermont military records in genealogical research for ancestors that were veterans are evident but Vermont military records can also be very important to researchers whose immediate ancestors were not soldiers in any war. Due to the quantity of genealogical details contained in quite a few Vermont military pension files they should not be overlooked during the research process.

A fire destroyed all of the original military records for the state of Vermont prior to 1920. However, the Vermont Adjutant General’s Office has published lists of servicemen for all wars from the Revolutionary War until Desert Storm. The Vermont Department of Veterans’ Affairs and local libraries each have copies of those publications on file. Some town meeting records also include Vermont militia records for 1820 to the mid 1830s.

The Vermont State Archives is home to the Stevens Collection, which contains muster rolls, as well as the Walter Shelton Papers. That collection includes a lot of information about the War of 1812 and some of the people (from multiple states) who served in it.

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