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The benefits and importance of Tennessee military records in genealogical research for ancestors who were veterans are apparent but Tennessee military records can also be essential to researchers whose primary ancestors weren’t soldiers in any war. A result of the quantity of genealogical information and facts included in quite a few Tennessee military pension files they ought to never be overlooked throughout the research process.Many Tennessee soldier records are listed on the Internet. They span from the Civil War to the end of the Vietnam War, as well as some later war records.In 1891 Tennessee began giving pensions to Confederate veterans. In 1905 they extended pensions to widows of veterans. Applications for pensions can be found at the TSLA, along with other Civil War military records. Other records that can be found there include: Indexes for Revolutionary War Pensioners, Muster Rolls for Soldiers of the War of 1812, Indian Wars of 1818 and 1836, Mexican War, Civil War, and Spanish- American War, Service Records for Tennessee Residents Who Served During the Mexican War and Civil War (Both Confederate and Union)

The state archives manuscript collection contains a lot of valuable military research material. For example, it is home to Register Number 10, which features an index of Union and Confederate soldier holdings.

The Tennessee Historical Committee’s Confederate and Union veterans’ questionnaires can also be a valuable source of information.

The state archives holds card indexes to the Lindsay, Military Annals of Tennessee (Confederate) and the Confederate Veteran Magazine. Hundreds of monographs can also be found there, along with Revolutionary War, Mexican War, and War of 1812 indexes. There are also many printed pension records and military service records published in various places statewide and nationally.

Tennessee in the Revolutionary War

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Tennessee in the War of 1812

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Tennessee in the Civil War

Although it seceded at the outbreak of the American Civil War in 1861, eastern Tennessee remained loyal to the Union.

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