Connecticut Cemetery Records Research Guide

Connecticut cemetery records can provide people with a lot of the information they need to create family trees. People do this for many reasons, but mostly because they want to leave a legacy for future generations, so they will know about their family history.

Many documents are necessary to complete a family tree, including Connecticut cemetery records, and they can provide you with information that you may not be able to get any place else.

For example, if you want to know how old a person was when they died, this is one of the best ways to find out. For Definitions of all Cemetery Terms See Symbols on Gravestones and Their Interpretations

Other information contained in Connecticut cemetery records includes:

  • Date of Death – When you are creating a family tree, you want your information to be as detailed and accurate as possible. You will need to include birth dates as well as dates of deaths, which you can find in Connecticut cemetery records.
  • Location of Death – It may be that the person you are currently researching did not die in the same area where they were buried. You can get this information from Connecticut cemetery records.
  • Cause of Death – This is a crucial piece of information for your research. Your Connecticut cemetery records may even hold the name of the attending physician at the time of death, which is just more interesting information for future generations to learn.
  • Names of Immediate Family Members – Not only can Connecticut cemetery records provide information about the person you are currently researching, they can lead you to other names to research. You can usually find the names of the immediate family members of the deceased in Connecticut cemetery records.

Creating a detailed family tree doesn’t have to be a difficult job.

When you have Connecticut cemetery records and other documents, you will have all of the information you need right at your fingertips, and you can get to work creating a family tree that future generations can continue to add to.

Contact the various cemeteries to find out how you can get copies of Connecticut cemetery records to use for your research.

Research In Connecticut Cemetery Records

Most of the cemetery records for Connecticut have been centralized.

The Hale Collection, which included more than one million inscriptions from gravestones around the state, can be found at the Connecticut State Library.

There were more than 2,000 cemeteries in the state that were part of the Hale Collection’s accumulation of inscriptions, even though some of the gravestones had been destroyed by the time the Hale Collection was compiled.

The inscriptions for each town are contained in their own volumes. However, there is an index of them all available and it is organized in alphabetical order by town name.

The FHL has microfilmed volumes for both the statewide indexes and the town indexes available.

Some of the cemeteries in the state of Connecticut were run privately, while others were run by churches or towns. Some were even created for specific families.

Each cemetery’s administrators kept their own records, but death records weren’t required to include burial place until the 1900s.

Several historical societies in Connecticut hold cemetery records that were not part of the Hale Collection. The Washington D.C. DAR Library and the Connecticut State Library each hold family, Bible and cemetery records as well.

Generally, from the late nineteenth century onward, “Burial Books” were kept by the town clerks. Those documents usually included the place of burial for anyone who passed away outside of the town limits.

Famous People Buried in Connecticut Cemeteries

County Name / Date / Cemetery Description
Fairfield Barnum, Phineas T.
7/5/1810 – 4/7/1891
Mountain Grove Cemetery and Mausoleum
Legendary 19th Century American showman and circus promoter.
Best remembered for founding the first modern three-ring circus, which also would eventually became the biggest and most important circus in the world, the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus.
Fairfield Borge (Rosenbaum), Victor (Borge)
1/3/1909 – 12/23/2000
Putnam Cemetery
Pianist, Symphony Conductor, Composer, Comedian, Entertainer, Actor.
Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, the son of Bernhard and Frederikke Rosenbaum he was named Børge.
Fairfield Goodman, Benny (Benjamin David)
5/30/1909 – 6/13/1986
Long Ridge Union Cemetery
Bandleader, Clarinetist, Composer.
Famously known as “The King of Swing.
Fairfield Radner, Gilda
6/28/1946 – 5/20/1989
Long Ridge Union Cemetery
Actress, Comedienne.
She gained wide fame in the mid-1970s as an original cast member of television’s hit comedy series, “Saturday Night Live” (SNL).
Fairfield Travers, Mary
11/9/1936 – 9/16/2009
Umpawaug Cemetery
Along with Peter Yarrow and Paul Stookey, they formed the legendary folk music trio Peter, Paul and Mary.
Hartford Colt, Samuel
7/19/1814 – 1/10/1862
Cedar Hill Cemetery
Inventor, IndustrialiSt. 
Born in Hartford, Connecticut, he was a weapons inventor and founder of Colt’s Patent Fire-Arms Manufacturing Company.
Hartford Hepburn, Katharine
5/12/1907 – 6/29/2003
Cedar Hill Cemetery
Actress, Hollywood legend.
Born into an affluent yet unconventional family in Hartford, Connecticut, her parents, Dr.
Hartford Morgan, John Pierpont ‘J.P. ‘
4/17/1837 – 3/31/1913
Cedar Hill Cemetery
Considered a legendary figure in American Financial History, he is best known as founder of the banking house of “J.
Litchfield Neal, Patricia
1/20/1926 – 8/8/2010
Abbey of Regina Laudis
Striking,  husky-voiced leading lady of stage and screen.
Litchfield Widmark, Richard
12/26/1914 – 3/24/2008
Roxbury Center Cemetery
He spent his early teenage years growing up in Illinois and throughout the Midwest before entering Lake Forest College in Illinois with the intent of pursuing a degree in law.
Middlesex Carney, Art
11/4/1918 – 11/9/2003
Riverside Cemetery
Actor, Comedian.
He is most remembered for his role of city sewer worker ‘Ed Norton,’ in the long running television series, “The Honeymooners” (1951-1956), in which he played the foil to Jackie Gleason’s bus driver role of ‘Ralph Kramden. “
Middlesex Johnston Sr. , William James
8/15/1918 – 5/29/1990
State Veterans Cemetery
World War II Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient.
He served as a Private First Class, Machine Gunner, in the United States Army in Company G, 180th Infantry, 45th Infantry Division.
New Haven Goodyear, Charles
12/29/1800 – 7/1/1860
Grove Street Cemetery
He invent the vulcanization process that made rubber the practical waterproof material we know today.
New Haven Miller, Glenn (Alton G. )
3/1/1904 – 12/15/1944
Grove Street Cemetery
Jazz Bandleader, TromboniSt. 
Born Alton Glenn Miller in Clarinda, a small rural southwestern Iowa town, the family soon moved to Grant City, Missouri, where he went to grade school.
New Haven Murphy, James T.
1/12/1905 – 1/11/1904
Saint Bernards Cemetery
Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient.
He served as a Sergeant in the Union Army.
New Haven Soderman, William Adolph
3/20/1912 – 10/20/1980
Oak Grove Cemetery
World War II Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient.
He served as a Private First Class, Bazooka Gunner, in the United States Army in Company K, 9th Infantry, 2d Infantry Division.
New Haven Tucker, Allen
1/11/1905 – 2/22/1903
Evergreen Cemetery
Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient.
He served as a Sergeant in the Union Army in Company F, 10th Connecticut Infantry.
New Haven Webster, Noah
10/16/1758 – 5/28/1843
Grove Street Cemetery
Dictionary Publisher.
Thanks to him, the American and British versions of the English language became separate, unique languages.
New Haven Whitney, Eli
12/8/1765 – 1/18/1825
Grove Street Cemetery
Eli Whitney was born on a farm in Westborough, Connecticut, spending most of his young life in his father’s tool shop.
New Haven Winchester, Oliver Fisher
11/30/1810 – 12/11/1880
Evergreen Cemetery
He founded the Winchester Repeating Arms Company in New Haven, Connecticut, and facilitated the creating of the Winchester repeating rifle.
Tolland Hale, Nathan
6/6/1755 – 9/22/1776
Nathan Hale Cemetery
Revolutionary War Captain, Spy.
Captured by British troops and executed 2 days later.
Tolland Pitney, Gene
2/17/1940 – 4/5/2006
Center Cemetery
Rock Musician.
A native of Rockville, Connecticut, he is best remembered for his memorable recordings of such songs as, ‘A Town Without Pity,’ ‘Only Love Can Break A Heart,’ Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa,’ ‘It Hurts To Be In Love,’ and ‘I’m Gonna be Strong.

Connecticut Cemeteries

Cemetery Name Cemetery City
Westford Hill Cemetery Ashford
Mountain Grove Cemetery Bridgeport
Seventh Day Baptist Cemetery Burlington
Nathan Hale Cemetery Coventry
Great Plain Cemetery Danbury
Wooster Cemetery
Union Cemetery Easton
Oaklawn Cemetery Fairfield
Old Burying Ground Fairfield
Riverside Cemetery Farmington
Green Cemetery Glastonbury
Ancient Burying Ground Hartford
Cedar Hill Cemetery Hartford
South Burying Ground Kensington
Mansfield Center Cemetery Mansfield
Milford Cemetery Milford
Stepney Cemetery Monroe
Gunntown Cemetery Naugatuck
Grove Street Cemetery New Haven
Antientest Burial Ground New London
All Saint’s Cemetery North Haven
Almshouse Cemetery Norwich
Cypress Cemetery Old Saybrook
Bara-Hack Cemetery Pomfret
Great Hill Cemetery Seymour
Gregory’s Four Corners Burial Ground Trumbull
Palisado Cemetery Windsor
Woodstock Hill Cemetery Woodstock

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