Texas Cemetery Records Research Guide

Texas cemetery records will help you fill in gaps in the genealogy or family tree project you are working on. There are different types of vital records you can use aside from Texas cemetery records, but you will find some great data and important details from using these. Because Texas is such a large state with such an extensive history, it has more national cemeteries than many other states. For Definitions of all Cemetery Terms See Symbols on Gravestones and Their Interpretations

The six national cemeteries you may use Texas cemetery records from include:

  • Kerrville National Cemetery
  • Dallas Fort Worth National Cemetery
  • Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery
  • Fort Bliss National Cemetery
  • Houston National Cemetery
  • San Antonio National Cemetery

In addition to these, you may also find Texas cemetery records for other private and public cemeteries in the state. The bottom line is that if your searches have led you to Texas, you are bound to find some data that will be useful.

What You Can Track Down

Texas cemetery records are much more useful than many people realize. You can get much of the same data on Texas cemetery records that you would on other types of vital records. From names, dates and locations to even names of other family members, these records can be very useful. In fact, some people prefer to use Texas cemetery records and tombstone transcriptions because you can often times find records that date back further.

Also, while many standard paper records could be lost or may not have ever been kept very organized to begin with, Texas cemetery records can also be easier to use. Of course, much of this is based on the location and dates you are seeking. You can use this type of valuable data to find important information for ancestry reasons and find it is very helpful in completing your records.

Whether or not you have used cemetery records before does not matter. Even if you would like to use other vital records in addition to these to find what you need, these records should work together. Regardless of how much data you need, you can use Texas cemetery records to help get the job done.

Research In Texas Cemetery Records

Over the years, several Texas cemetery records have been transcribed or collected by various individuals and organizations. The DAR has the largest collection on file. There is also a two-volume collection of entries related to Peters' Colonists and their descendants available. The FHL and the Texas State Library have copies of the DAR collection available on microfilm.

Several funeral home and cemetery records have been published by genealogical and historical societies in Texas. Researchers can typically purchase copies of those records from those various societies.

Two examples of recently released publications include:

  • Funeral List. 2 vols. Texarkana: Texarkana USA Genealogical Society, 1995–56. Contains 2,047 burials in the Texarkana area with names listed in alphabetical order.
  • Cemeteries of East Texas. Weatherford, Tex.: Parker County Genealogical Society, 1999.

Famous People Buried in Texas Cemeteries

County Name / Date / Cemetery Description
Bexar Bowie, Jim (James)
4/10/1796 - 3/6/1836
San Fernando Cathedral
Folk Figure, Alamo Defender.
Born in Logan County (present day Simpson County), Kentucky, one of ten children of Rezin and Elve Bowie.
Bexar Crockett, David 'Davy'
8/17/1786 - 3/6/1836
San Fernando Cathedral
US Congressman, Frontiersman, American Legendary Figure.
Defender of the Alamo.
Bexar Defenders of the Alamo Memorial
The Alamo
Following the Siege of the Alamo, Generalissimo Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna ordered that, with one exception, the bodies of the Alamo defenders be burned. Two funeral pyres were set. One at what is now the location of the Alamo Cenotaph and the other at the location of East Commerce and Rusk Streets.
Bexar Kitchen, George K.
10/5/1844 - 11/20/1922
Saint Mary's Cemetery
Indian Wars Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient.
Born in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania, he served as a Sergeant, in Company H, 6th U.
Bexar Nash, James J.
2/17/1905 - 6/11/1927
San Antonio National Cemetery
Spanish-American War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient.
He served in United States Army during the War with Spain as a Private in Company F, 10th United States Infantry.
Bexar Travis, William Barret
8/9/1809 - 3/6/1836
San Fernando Cathedral
US Military Officer.
Commander at the Alamo.
Bowie Blocker, Dan
12/10/1928 - 5/13/1972
Woodmen Cemetery
He is best remembered for his role of ‘Hoss Cartwright' in the TV series, "Bonanza," which ran from 1959 to 1972.
Brazoria Austin, Stephen Fuller
11/3/1793 - 12/27/1836
Gulf  Prairie  Cemetery
Father of Texas.
When he was seven years old the family moved from his father's lead mines in Virginia to southeastern Missouri.
Brazos Bush, Barbara Pierce
6/8/1925 -
George Bush Presidential Library and Museum
First Lady of the United States of America.
Born on June 8 1925, as Barbara Pierce, she married future President George Walker Bush on January 6, 1945.
She served as the First Lady from January 20, 1989 to January 20, 1993.
Brazos Bush, George Herbert Walker
6/12/1924 -
George Bush Presidential Library and Museum
Cause of death: Still living
Dallas Barrow, Clyde
3/24/1909 - 5/23/1934
Western Heights Cemetery
Even though he lived on the edge of the law as a youngster, Clyde Chestnut Barrow's first crime was not until an auto theft in 1926 at the age of 17.
Dallas Garson, Greer
9/29/1904 - 4/6/1996
Sparkman Hillcrest Memorial Park
Greer Garson was beautiful, bright and most of all strong - strong enough to make Laurence Olivier wither in "Pride and Prejudice," and Walter Pidgeon to back down in their multiple, memorable pairings.
Dallas Landry, Thomas 'Tom'
9/11/1924 - 2/12/2000
Sparkman Hillcrest Memorial Park
Hall of Fame Professional Football Coach.
A native of Texas, he served during World War II as a bomber pilot.
Dallas Mantle, Mickey
10/20/1931 - 8/13/1995
Sparkman Hillcrest Memorial Park
Professional baseball player.
During his career which lasted eighteen years (1951-1968) while wearing Number 7, all with the American League New York Yankees, Mickey Mantle was the  AL Triple Crown Winner in his outstanding 1956 season (best batting average .
Dallas Parker, Bonnie Elizabeth
10/1/1910 - 5/23/1934
Crown Hill Memorial Park
Legendary Outlaw.
She was the middle child and oldest daughter of Henry and Emma Parker.
Dallas Vaughan, Stevie Ray
10/3/1954 - 8/27/1990
Laurel Land Memorial Park
Rock/Blues Musician.
Born in Dallas, Texas, he was part of a musical family.
Denton Nelson, Byron
2/4/1912 - 9/26/2006
Roselawn Memorial Park
Professional Golfer.
Real name John Byron Nelson Jr.
Fisher Baugh, Sammy (Samuel Adrian)
3/17/1914 - 12/17/2008
Belvieu Cemetery
Professional Football Player.
As quarterback, defensive back, and punter for the Washington Redskins between 1937 and 1952 he set 13 NFL records, two of which still stand.
Franklin Meredith, Don (Joseph Donald)
4/10/1938 - 12/5/2010
Mount Vernon City Cemetery
Professional Football Player, Broadcaster, Actor.
Nicknamed "Dandy Don".
Gillespie Johnson, Claudia Alta 'Lady Bird'
12/22/1912 - 7/11/2007
Johnson Family Cemetery
Presidential First Lady.
Born Claudia Alta Taylor to T.
Gonzales Battle of Gonzales memorial
Dikes Family Cemetery
At the confluence of the Guadalupe and San Marcos rivers, Gonzales, at the westernmost point of Anglo-American settlement in Texas as a province of Mexico, became a center of much of the Texas revolutionary activity.
On October 2, 1835, Texans led by Colonel John H. Moore resisted Mexican dragoons sent to retrieve the town cannon.
Harris Fields, James
6/26/1920 - 6/17/1970
Houston National Cemetery
World War II Medal of Honor Recipient.
Born in Caddo, Texas, he served as a First Lieutenant in the 10th Armored Infantry, 4th Armored Division, US Army.
Harris Hughes, Howard
12/24/1905 - 4/5/1976
Glenwood Cemetery
Academy Award-winning producer and director, aviator and businessman.
Howard Hughes was born in Houston on December 24, 1905 to wealthy parents.
Haskell Kimbrough, John Alec 'The Haskell Hurricane'
6/14/1918 - 5/8/2006
Willow Cemetery
College Football Player.
He was a star fullback for the 1939 Texas A&M national championship team.
Jefferson Ritter, Tex (Woodward Maurice)
1/12/1905 - 1/2/1974
Oak Bluff Memorial Park
Country Music Singer, Actor.
A major star in the 1930s and 1940s as western cowboy for PRC and Monogram, he was also the father of actor
Kinney Paine, Adam
1/16/1905 - 2/19/1905
Seminole Indian Scout Cemetery
Indian Wars Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient.
Born to a black Seminole family in Alachua, Florida, he served as a Indian Scout Private in the 4th US Cavalry.
Lubbock Holly (Holley), Buddy (Charles Hardin)
9/7/1936 - 2/3/1959
City of Lubbock Cemetery
Born in Lubbock, Texas, by junior high school he had turned his attention to the guitar, and formed a western duo with his friend Bob Montgomery.
Nueces Quintanilla-Perez, Selena
4/16/1971 - 3/31/1995
Seaside Memorial Park
Tejano Singer.
A Hispanic singing idol, she was murdered at age 23 at the Days Inn, Room 158, in Corpus Christi, Texas.
Panola Reeves, Jim
8/20/1923 - 7/31/1964
Jim Reeves Memorial Park
Nicknamed "Gentleman Jim," he was one of the great voices in music.
His aspirations of becoming a professional baseball player ended due to an ankle injury so he turned to singing and working as a disc jockey for KWKH, Shreveport, Louisiana, the home of the Louisiana Hayride.
Parker Martin, Mary
12/1/1913 - 11/3/1990
City Greenwood Cemetery
Born in Weatherford, Texas, she began taking voice lessons at age twelve.
Tarrant Hagerman, Amber Rene
11/25/1986 - 1/17/1996
Moore Memorial Gardens Cemetery
Murder Victim.
She was riding her bike in the parking lot of a grocery store near her home with her little brother, and he was the only witness to her kidnapping.
Tom Green Mahoney, Gregory
1/15/1865 -
Fort Concho National Historic Landmark
Indian Campaigns Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient.
He served as a Private in the United States Army in Company E, 4th US Cavalry.
Tom Green McCabe, William
1/21/1905 -
Fort Concho National Historic Landmark
Indian Campaign Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient.
He served as a Private in the United States Army in Company E, 4th US Cavalry. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for action on September 26-28, 1874 at Red River, Texas.
Travis Austin, Stephen Fuller
11/3/1793 - 12/27/1836
Texas State Cemetery
Father of Texas.
When he was seven years old the family moved from his father's lead mines in Virginia to southeastern Missouri.
Travis Michener, James A.
2/3/1907 - 10/16/1997
Austin Memorial Park Cemetery
He was a prolific writer who gained a readership and fortune in the missions.
Travis Vaughan, Stevie Ray
10/3/1954 - 8/27/1990
Stevie Ray Vaughan Memorial
Rock/Blues Musician.
Born in Dallas, Texas, he was part of a musical family.
Walker Houston, Sam
3/2/1793 - 7/26/1863
Oakwood Cemetery
Texas Republic Army General, Texas Republic President, Tennessee Governor, Texas Governor.
He is best remembered as the General who defeated the Mexicans to win Texas independence.

Texas Cemeteries

Cemetery Name Cemetery City
Texas State Cemetery Austin
Jim Reeves Memorial Site Carthage
Seaside Memorial Park Corpus Christi
Laurel Land Memorial Park Dallas
Sparkman-Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery Dallas
Mount Olivet Cemetery Fort Worth
Der Stadt Friedhof - Pioneer cemetery Fredericksburg
Glenwood Cemetery Houston
Olivewood Cemetery Houston
Whittaker Memorial Cemetery Kildare
Baby Head Cemetery Llano
Meadowlawn Memorial Park San Antonio
Oakwood Cemetery Waco

Texas Cemeteries & Graveyards Links

Suggested Reading

  • Texas Graveyards: A Cultural Legacy (Austin, Tex.: University of Texas Press, 1984) for a scholarly look at the state’s burying practices over time.
  • The Digger’s Index - Is a three-volume set of cemetery records and is an alphabetical listing of old, abandoned, vandalized or still in use cemeteries.
  • Funeral List. 2 vols. Texarkana: Texarkana USA Genealogical Society, 1995–56. Contains 2,047 burials in the Texarkana area with names listed in alphabetical order.
  • Cemeteries of East Texas. Weatherford, Tex.: Parker County Genealogical Society, 1999.
  • A Reference to Texas Cemetery Records (Humble, Tex.: the author, 1988), arranged by county
  • Texas Cemetery Inscriptions: A Source Index (San Antonio, Tex.: Limited Editions, 1977).
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