Rhode Island Cemetery Records Research Guide

Rhode Island cemetery records are often easier to find than some states because there are so many volunteers working to make sure the data is available and accessible. This does not mean you will necessarily be able to find free Rhode Island cemetery records, but it might mean you can at least find what you are seeking. This has been the extensive work of an ongoing project in which volunteers have been making sure the Rhode Island cemetery records match what one may actually find in the cemeteries. For Definitions of all Cemetery Terms See Symbols on Gravestones and Their Interpretations

This can be especially helpful if you are planning on visiting the burial site yourself. Too many times older records get lost or mixed up and cause people to have poor results. The Rhode Island cemetery records project will help prevent problems like this from arising. The amazing thing is you may be able to find Rhode Island cemetery records dating back as far as 1647.

This is just one of the reasons using Rhode Island cemetery records can be more effective than other types of records uses. Trying to find records that go back that far of any other kind is next to impossible. It is important to use things such as this to get data that may be impossible to find any other way.

Accessing Information

The great thing is you have options for getting your Rhode Island cemetery records. Some people even just hire someone else to find their Rhode Island cemetery records. You can try looking online or in person. For example, you may be able to go directly to a church and see their Rhode Island cemetery records, if you know which county to look in.

In fact, narrowing down your search to the county can be crucial to having better success. Trying to conduct a search when you are unsure of the county for Rhode Island cemetery records can be much more complicated if you are looking for the entire state records. Though it may take a while, you can eventually find what you need by using Rhode Island cemetery records.

Research In Rhode Island Cemetery Records

There are many cemetery records available for Rhode Island. The local chapters of the DAR have many indexes of gravestone inscriptions and type up new volumes each year. The Rhode Island Historical Society and the DAR Library in Washington each have a complete set of DAR volumes on file.

The Rhode Island Historical Society also hold a microfilmed copy of the Benns Collection of cemetery records. The East Greenwich Public Library has the original copy. There are also some cemetery records on file at the Newport Historical Society. Any cemetery that has been declared a historical cemetery is included in a list compiled by the Historic Graves Commission. The Graves Registration List, which is organized according to town, is also an excellent list of historical cemeteries. The Rhode Island State Archives has it on file.

Famous People Buried in Rhode Island Cemeteries

CountyName / Date / CemeteryDescription
BristolQuinn, Anthony (Antonio Rudolfo)
4/21/1915 - 6/3/2001
Quinn Family Estate
He had a career spanned over sixty years, with appearances in more than 150 motion pictures.
ProvidenceHowland, Elizabeth
8/30/1607 - 12/21/1687
Ancient Little Neck Cemetery
Original Mayflower Passenger.
Wife of Mayflower Passenger John Howland.
ProvidenceSteere, William H.

5/5/1817 - 8/25/1882
North Burial Ground
Civil War Union Brevet Brigadier General.
At the outbreak of the rebellion, he enlisted in Rhode Island Volunteers was commissioned Captain and promoted Colonel in command of the 4th Regiment in October 1861.
ProvidenceWilliams, Roger
12/21/1602 - 4/1/1683
Roger Williams Memorial
Religious Figure.
Educated at Cambridge University in England, he was a Calvinist minister who left England because of his disagreement with English principle of an established state church.

Rhode Island Cemeteries

Cemetery NameCemetery City
Palatine CemeteryBlock Island
DeWolf CemeteryBristol
Chestnut Hill Baptist Church and CemeteryExeter
Old Friends' Burial GroundJamestown
Platform CemeteryKingstown
Old Burying GroundLittle Compton
Newport Memorial Park CemeteryMiddletown
Arnold Burying GroundNewport
Common Burying GroundNewport
Island CemeteryNewport
Touro CemeteryNewport
Bow-Wow Villa-CemeteryPortsmouth
St. Mary's ChurchyardPortsmouth
North Burial GroundProvidence
Swan Point CemeteryProvidence
Pocasset Hill CemeteryTiverton
Precious Blood CemeteryWoonsocket

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