North Dakota Cemetery Records Research Guide

If you have never tried using North Dakota cemetery records to help with information on your genealogy or family tree projects, you may be surprised at how useful they really can be. North Dakota cemetery records can actually be very useful when it comes to filling in missing data on these types of projects.

People often times think of other vital records and fail to see how North Dakota cemetery records could help. The truth is you can sometimes find as much valuable information in North Dakota cemetery records as any other kind of records.

For Definitions of all Cemetery Terms See Symbols on Gravestones and Their Interpretations

The other good news is that while many states safeguard vital records and do not make them available to the public, you should not have problems with North Dakota cemetery records. The only tricky part may be tracking them down. Just because you know where a person lived does not mean that this individual's burial will be in that location. Often times, people are returned to their birth location for their burial.

How It Works

One of the most important pieces of information you may need to look for North Dakota cemetery records is which county the person may be buried in. This is not necessarily the same as the county where they lived. You can at least use their home county as a starting point and search nearby areas for the North Dakota cemetery records you need.

You can use lots of different methods to try to locate North Dakota cemetery records, if you are doing the search yourself. Obviously, a church or sometimes the county records can help. Old hospital records, newspapers or microfilm at the library may also lead to clues about where a person may be buried.

The great part is that if you track it down you can gain lots of valuable data. If you have come to a dead end or still have gaps in your genealogy project, consider using these records for more details. You may be truly surprised to find North Dakota cemetery records could very well be the difference between finishing your project or not.

Research In North Dakota Cemetery Records

There is an index of North Dakota cemeteries available at the North Dakota Bureau of Vital Statistics. However, that index doesn't list the names of people who are buried in each cemetery. It only lists the cemetery names, locations, and dates that each cemetery was first used.

Nevertheless, there are several cemetery transcripts on file in other locations, such as in genealogical societies and libraries across the state. There have also been many cemetery transcripts published in North Dakota magazines and newspapers.

Famous People Buried in North Dakota Cemeteries

County Name / Date / Cemetery Description
Cass Maris, Roger
9/10/1934 - 12/14/1985
Holy Cross Cemetery
Major League Baseball Player.
Roger Maris was born in Hibbing, Minnesota the son of first generation Croatian Americans.

North Dakota Cemeteries

Cemetery Name Cemetery City
St. Anselm's Cemetery, Wrought-Iron Cross Site Berwick
B'nai Israel Synagogue and Montefiore Cemetery Grand Forks
Fairview Cemetery Wahpeton

North Dakota Cemeteries

Cemetery Name Cemetery City
St. Anselm’s Cemetery, Wrought-Iron Cross Site Berwick
B’nai Israel Synagogue and Montefiore Cemetery Grand Forks
Fairview Cemetery Wahpeton

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