Iowa Cemetery Records Research Guide

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Iowa cemetery records are useful documents for anyone who is interested in learning more about their family history and recording it for future generations.

It may not seem like the most fun task in the world to go through Iowa cemetery records, but you will find that once you start, you will be completely engrossed in the things you will be reading.

Most people find that once they start family tree research, they want to learn more and more. When they have all of the proper documents, including Iowa cemetery records, they can really get into their research and thoroughly enjoy their projects.

Iowa Cemetery and gravestone inscriptions are a rich source of information for family historians. For Definitions of all Cemetery Terms See Symbols on Gravestones and Their Interpretations

Organizing Your Work Helps You and Others

One of the keys to good research is good organizational skills. When you get Iowa cemetery records and other documents, make sure that you have a good filing/organizing system so you can always find them when you want them.

You can use just about any organizing system that works for you, as long as you are doing the work alone.

If you are getting help, you may want to use a standard system, or explain to the others involved how to find all of the documents they need at any time, including Iowa cemetery records.

Getting Started is the Most Difficult Part

When you decide to research your family history, the toughest part is going to be getting started, especially if you have never done anything like this before.

This is why it is so important to make sure you have all of the important documents you need, such as Iowa cemetery records. It is easy to get Iowa cemetery records.

All you have to do is contact the cemeteries where your ancestors are buried, and request copies, which you may have to pay a small administrative fee to get.

Using Iowa cemetery records can make your work a lot easier, and they can help lead you to more ancestors to do research on. Genealogy can be a never-ending thing, but when you have Iowa cemetery records and other vital documents, it can also be something that is extremely interesting and fun.

Research In Iowa Cemetery Records

Many of the local chapters of the Iowa Genealogical Society have publications of cemetery records in their respective counties which can be ordered through the chapter.

A state-wide publication listing is available through the state society. A large number of cemetery transcription collections as well as records of funeral homes, casket lists, and obituary indexes are held by the FHL

Several Iowa Genealogical Society chapters hold the cemetery records for their particular counties. The state society has a listing of state-wide cemetery records. The FHL also has a large selection of obituary indexes, funeral home records and casket lists.

The Iowa Civil War Soldier Burial Records database, at, has a list of at least 75,000 soldiers enlisted from the state of Iowa during the Civil War and thousands more who served from other states settled in Iowa following the Rebellion.

This database currently contains a listing of over 18,800 of these service men (and a few women) who died and were buried in the state, or who enlisted from the state of Iowa and are buried elsewhere.

The Iowa Cemetery Records, at, represent seventy-six counties and Graceland Cemetery of Sioux City, Iowa that were transcribed by the Works Project Administration, Graves Registration Project.

This collection is the largest compilation of the Iowa WPA cemetery records found in one single place.

Famous People Buried in Iowa Cemeteries

County Name / Date / Cemetery Description
Cedar Hoover, Herbert
8/10/1874 - 10/20/1964
Herbert Hoover National Historic Site
31st US President.
He was the scapegoat President blamed for the Great Depression and all that was wrong with America.
Cerro Gordo The Day the Music Died Memorial
Buddy Holly Crash Site
Erected in 1988, the memorial is on the crash site where music artists Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, J.
P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson and pilot Roger Peterson lost their lives.
After a show at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa, the entertainers boarded a small plane which crashed due to bad weather around 1:05 am on February 3, 1959.
Dubuque Ameche (Amici), Don (Dominic Felix)
5/31/1908 - 12/6/1993
Resurrection Catholic Cemetery
Actor, Singer.
He was born Dominic Felix Amici in Kenosha, Wisconsin, to a father who was a saloon keeper.

Iowa Cemeteries

Cemetery Name Cemetery City
Aspen Grove Cemetery Burlington
Oakland Cemetery Centerville
Mount Calvary Cemetery Davenport
Oakdale Memorial Gardens Davenport
Pine Hill Cemetery Davenport
Linwood Cemetery Dubuque
Mount Calvary Cemetery Dubuque
Mount Olivet Cemetery Dubuque
St. Joseph Cemetery Earlin
Oakland Cemetery Iowa City
Cedar Lawn Cemetery Pottawattamie County
Logan Park Cemetery Sioux City

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Research In Iowa Cemetery Records


Famous People Buried in Iowa Cemeteries

Iowa Cemeteries

Iowa Cemeteries & Graveyards Links