Delaware Cemetery Records Research Guide

Delaware cemetery records can be used for a number of reasons. For instance, if you or one of your immediate family members has health issues, you can find out from Delaware cemetery records if your ancestors may have also had the same issues.

It may be that the problem is hereditary, and this information can be extremely beneficial for the health of future generations of your family. For Definitions of all Cemetery Terms See Symbols on Gravestones and Their Interpretations

Some of the things you can learn from Delaware cemetery records that could be beneficial to your family include:

  • How a person died. It may be that a certain disease or other health issue has caused the deaths of your ancestors, and this could be information that may save your own life or the life of one of your loved ones. You may not have any health issues at the moment, but if you know it is possible, you can take steps to avoid them.
  • How old a person was when they died. This could also be important, especially if it shows a history of early death due to a specific health problem within your family. This is information that you will want to share with your family physician.

A lot of information can be gleaned from Delaware cemetery records, and you may even find that you get so interested in the things you learn that you will use the information not only for your original purpose, but to learn more about your interesting family history.

You can take the information you get from Delaware cemetery records and start working on a family tree that will not only provide health information for your family and for future generations, but will also be interesting and enjoyable for all to read.

Of course, if you decide to start working on a project like this, you are going to need more than just Delaware cemetery records.

These are a great place to start your research, but you can also use other documents such as birth records, marriage/divorce records, and others to create a full and accurate family tree.

Get the Delaware cemetery records you need today, and make sure that your family is aware of any health issues, and that they can learn about their history.

Research In Delaware Cemetery Records

The Delaware Public Archives is home to the Walter G. Tatnall Tombstone Collection, which is the biggest collection of transcriptions from graves in the state. It was collected in the 1920s using information from the Historical Records Survey.

In the 1930s another survey was done by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). That surveys results act as a good supplement for the 1920s Historical Records Survey information.

The Hudson Collection of Sussex County Tombstones is a more thorough collection than the Tatnall collection and it can also be found at the Delaware Public Archives.

Several publications, including the Delaware Genealogical Society Journal, have published cemetery records. Some records can also be found at the Historical Society of Delaware.

Famous People Buried in Delaware Cemeteries

County Name / Date / Cemetery Description
New Castle Connor, James Phillip
1/12/1919 - 7/27/1994
Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery
World War II Medal of Honor Recipient.
He served as a Sergeant in the US Army in Battle Patrol, 7th Infantry, 3d Infantry Division.

Delaware Cemeteries

Cemetery Name Cemetery City

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