Delaware Archives, Societies & Publications

It is a good idea to familiarize personally with just about any repository in Delaware that you simply might travel to by communicating with to the best suited archive or library in advance.

Most, if not all, Delaware repositories have written and published content that present its collections as well as research policy.

Delaware archives and historical organizations usually have On-line sites that provide equivalent details. Several also contain down loadable data for some or parts of their collections.

List of Delaware Archives

List of Delaware Libraries & Museums

List of Delaware Historical & Genealogical Societies

For almost every state there is a state genealogical society, a state genealogical council, or both.

In addition to their own work, Delaware groups many times help coordinate the efforts of local societies throughout the Delaware.

Their unique publications, newsletters and quarterlies, supplement those created through the area societies.

Regional and State Societies

  • The Historical Society of Delaware, 505 Market Street, Wilmington, DE 19801; The Historical Society of Delaware has an extensive collection of early northern Delaware newspapers, but papers in the adjoining states of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey should also be consulted. Southern Delaware newspapers are at the Delaware State Archives
  • Delaware Genealogical Society, 505 Market Street Mall, Wilmington, DE 19801

County, Township and City Societies

Religious and Ethnic Societies

Delaware Newspapers & Publications

Delaware Genealogical publications (magazines, newsletters, periodicals, books, etc.) contain all types of invaluable information about specific ancestors, whole lineages and families, places in time, and about all sorts of genealogical records and repositories. They assist you to identify a variety of details about your ancestors from many historical newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals. These different types of resources may often supplement public records and give information that is not recorded someplace else. Here, you can discover much more regarding your ancestor’s possible every day activities by placing them in the framework of their time.

The Union List of Newspapers in Microform features a list of newspapers in Delaware. Many early Delaware newspapers are housed at the Historical Society of Delaware, but New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland also have a lot of early Delaware newspaper information.


Delaware newspapers can offer all kinds of evidence about historical events, local history, court and legal notices, obituaries, and a lot more.


Genealogical journals provide you with plenty of sources of information and facts, they are generally overlooked by genealogy and family history researchers and genealogist in looking around for family history.

Many regional and county genealogical and/or historical societies produce periodicals which have records relating to the region or vicinity they operate.

Frequently these publications have articles involving records that are not obtainable somewhere else.

  • Delaware History has been published by the Historical Society of Delaware semi-annually since 1946; volumes 1–7 were reprinted in 1968 by Kraus Reprint of Millwood, N.Y. The society has also published papers in sixty-seven volumes from 1879 to 1922 and in three volumes in a new series from 1927 to 1940.
  • The Delaware Genealogical Society Journal has published, since 1980, the usual fare of source record material, including Bible records, births of blacks, orphans’ court indexes (for Sussex County), and Maryland records. For The Maryland and Delaware Genealogist.
  • Two short-lived periodicals with useful source record material are Delaware Historical and Genealogical Recall (1933; reprint, Wilmington, Del.: Delaware Genealogical Society, 1984) and Del-Gen-Data Bank, edited by Mary Fallon Richards (Wilmington, Del.: the editor, 1986).