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It is good to acquaint your self with virtually any repository in Montana that you choose to might check out by making contact with to the relevant archive or library in advance.

Many, if not all, Montana repositories contain printed resources that introduce its collections as well as research policy.

Montana archives and historical organizations also provide Internet websites that provide the same information and facts. Several even include down-loadable data for some or parts from the collections.

List of Montana Archives

List of Montana Archives
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List of Montana Libraries & Museums

List of Montana Library & Museum
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List of Montana Periodicals

List of Montana Periodicals
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Genealogical journals offer many sources of information, they could be disregarded by genealogy researchers and genealogist in researching for family history. Most regional and county genealogical and/or historical societies issue periodicals that have records associated with the region or surrounding area they operate. Usually these publications carry articles concerning records that aren’t readily available elsewhere.

  • Montana: The Magazine of Western History is published quarterly by the Montana Historical Society. Available through the society are two published volumes of indexes to their magazine, one covering 1951 to 1990 and the other 1991 to 2000.
  • The Montana Historical and Genealogical Data Index, compiled by Paulette Parpart and Donald Spritzer. An excellent source for information on newspapers, city and county records, cemetery records, church records, military records, and indexes to local histories and other books, magazines, and newsletters.
  • Contributions to the Historical Society of Montana with its Transactions, published irregularly between 1876 and 1940. Copies are available at the Montana Historical Society. It is an excellent source of history and genealogy.

List of Montana Historical & Genealogical Societies

List of Montana Historical & Genealogical Societies
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For nearly each and every Montana there is a Montana genealogical society, a Montana genealogical council, or both. Besides their own work, Montana-level groups sometimes help synchronize the efforts of local societies around the Montana. Their specific publications, newsletters and quarterlies, supplement those published by the local societies.

Regional and State

  • Montana Historical Society, 225 N. Roberts, P.O. Box 201201; Helena, MT 59601-1201; The Montana Historical Society has served as the official archives for the records of the state of Montana since 1969. In that capacity, it has obtained state and territorial records from 1864 to the present. Box and folder-level inventories are available for processed manuscripts and state records through a keyword searchable database.
  • Montana State Genealogical Society, P.O. Box 555, Chester, MT 59522; The society’s website also has valuable links to local societies statewide.
  • Central Montana Genealogy Society, 701 W. Main Lewistown, Montana 59457-2501; (406) 538-5212

County, Township and City

Religious and Ethnic

List of Montana Newspapers & Publications

List of Montana Newspapers
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Montana Genealogical publications (magazines, newsletters, periodicals, books, etc.) feature all types of invaluable facts about specific ancestors, whole lineages and families, places in time, and regarding every type of genealogical records and repositories. They allow you to discover a variety of information and facts about your ancestors from many historical newspapers, magazines, and other periodicals. These different types of sources can frequently bolster public records and give facts that is not recorded anywhere else. Here, you can discover more pertaining to your ancestor’s possible daily activities by placing them in the context of their time.

The largest collection of Montana newspapers is located at the Montana Historical Society. A Union List of Montana Newspapers in Montana Repositories includes guides to that collection, as well as other collections of newspapers in libraries across Montana. The University of Montana and Montana State University each have large microfilmed newspaper collections. The Montana GenWeb Project website also has a list of newspapers. An in-depth index of Montana newspaper obituaries from the years of 1864 to 1900 can be found at the Montana Historical Society. There is no such complete index available for years after 1900.


Newspapers – Montana newspapers can provide all sorts of ideas about historical occasions, local history, court and legal notices, obituaries, and a lot more.

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