New York Cemetery Records Research Guide

New York cemetery records are an important way to get the data you need for genealogy related projects. New York is a large state with extensive history so New York cemetery records are bound to lead you to data or more clues for retrieving information.

There are different ways you can expect to get your data, but do not overlook the usefulness of New York cemetery records as opposed to using just other types of vital records.

In addition to national cemeteries, you may also use private ones, public ones and those that are even more difficult to locate. Not only that but you may get some use out of other resources when it comes to finding New York cemetery records.

For example, different county records, churches, newspapers and microfilm at the library can help you find what you need. Of course, some people prefer to pay someone else to help track down things such as New York cemetery records for them.

New York Cemetery and gravestone inscriptions are a rich source of information for family historians. For Definitions of all Cemetery Terms See Symbols on Gravestones and Their Interpretations

Making It Worth Your While

Whether you pay someone else to locate these records or go about finding them yourself, you can rest assured the data you get from New York cemetery records will be invaluable.

Many people working on family trees or other genealogy projects have found that New York cemetery records provided a great wealth of data they would not have been able to find any other way.

For one thing, you can get a person's full legal name, including maiden names if applicable. New York cemetery records also help let a person know when and where someone was born.

In fact, you may also be able to track down details including the name of a person's spouse or other relatives. If possible, try to track down the county where the New York cemetery records may be.

This really can be a great way to get information you cannot find using other vital records. If you are having problems finding certain pieces of information or just want to try a new approach, try New York cemetery records to finish your next family tree or genealogy related project.

Research In New York Cemetery Records

In 1999 The Association of Municipal Historians of New York State published their compilation New York State Cemeteries Name/Location Inventory, 1995–1997 (Bowie, Md.: Heritage Books), which will help in finding the majority of cemeteries in the state.

The largest number of New York cemetery records (the bulk of which are actually transcriptions of cemetery marker inscriptions) is found in the multi-volume collection of the Daughters of the American Revolution in the State of New York Cemetery, Church, and Town Records, located at the New York State Library, the New York Public Library, and the DAR Library in Washington, D.C.

Scattered volumes are found in other libraries including many local libraries in the area in which a particular cemetery is located.

To determine which cemeteries have been covered, consult Revised Master Index to the New York State Daughters of the American Revolution Genealogical Records Volumes, Books 1 and 2, prepared by the General Peter Gansevoort Chapter, Albany, New York (Zephyrhills, Fla.: Mrs. Jean D. Worden, 1998).

There is also a master card catalog index to the collection, arranged by place, at the state library. While these DAR collections are useful, it is unfortunate that most of the cemetery inscriptions have been alphabetized, thus destroying important clues based on the location of the grave markers.

Some counties have had many or nearly all of their cemetery records published. These include Dutchess, Genesee, Putnam, Ulster, and Washington counties.

Another large published collection is Some Cemeteries of the Between-the-Lakes Country, 3 vols. (Trumansburg, N.Y.: Chief Taughannock Chapter, DAR, 1974), covering parts of the counties of Seneca, Schuyler, and Tompkins.

The Orange County Genealogical Society is publishing that county’s cemetery records, a volume for each town. Published cemetery records are also found in Tree TalksThe New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, and other genealogical journals.

Many transcriptions are in manuscript form such as those by Gertrude A. Barber and her sisters, Ray C. Sawyer and Minnie Cowen.

Local libraries and historical societies throughout the state are likely to have collections of cemetery records for their areas.

For the New York City area, see Carolee Inskeep’s The Graveyard Shift: A Family Historian’s Guide to New York City Cemeteries (Orem, Utah: Ancestry Publishing, 2000).

Famous People Buried in New York Cemeteries

County Name / Date / Cemetery Description
Albany Bentley, Richard Charles
1830 - 12/1/1871
Albany Rural Cemetery
Civil War Union Brevet Brigadier General.
At the outbreak of the Civil War, he enlisted into the Union Army in 1862 and was commissioned a Lieutenant in the 63rd Regiment New York Volunteer Infantry.
Albany Blanchard, Justus Wardwell
12/15/1904 - 2/19/1905
Albany Rural Cemetery
Civil War Union Brevet Brigadier General.
At the outbreak of the Civil War, he was commissioned a Captain in the 3rd New York Volunteers in 1861.
Albany Rooney, Andy
1/14/1919 - 11/4/2011
Rensselaerville Cemetery
American Journalist, Radio and Television Commentator.
He was most remembered for his weekly broadcast "A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney," a part of the CBS Television news program "60 Minutes" (from 1978 to 2011).
Albany Springsteed, Edward A.
1/31/1840 - 8/25/1864
Albany Rural Cemetery
Civil War Union Army Officer.
He was commissioned as a 1st Lieutenant in the 43rd New York Volunteer Infantry in August 1861, and saw action at the Battles of Lee's Mills, Williamsburg, Golden's Farm, Savage Station, White Oak Swamp and Malvern Hill.
Allegany Dunham, Jason L.
11/10/1981 - 4/22/2004
Fairlawn Cemetery
Iraq War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient.
He served in the United States Marine Corps as a Corporal in K Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines.
Bronx Berlin, Irving
5/11/1888 - 9/22/1989
Woodlawn Cemetery
While other composers could lay claim to symbolize American popular music, it is likely that most Americans would think first of Irving Berlin.
Bronx Cohan, George M.
7/3/1878 - 11/5/1942
Woodlawn Cemetery
George Michael Cohan started his career performing as part of the Four Cohans in vaudville, with his mother, father, and sister.
Bronx Davis, Miles
5/25/1926 - 9/28/1991
Woodlawn Cemetery
Jazz Musician.
The son of a middle-class dentist from Alton, Illinois, he won a scholarship to Julliard in 1944, but there is no evidence that he ever attended the institution.
Bronx Day, Nicholas Wyckoff
11/18/1839 - 3/6/1916
Woodlawn Cemetery
Civil War Union Brevet Brigadier General.
Began his Civil War service as the Quartermaster Sergeant on the 71st New York Militia Regiment.
Bronx Ellington, Duke (Edward Kennedy)
4/29/1899 - 5/24/1974
Woodlawn Cemetery
Jazz Legend.
Jazz composer, bandleader and pianist, often reffered to as America's most prolific composer of the twentieth century.
Bronx Holiday, Billie
4/7/1915 - 7/17/1959
Saint Raymonds Cemetery
Jazz Singer.
"Lady Day" (as she was named by Lester Young) had a small voice and did not scat but her innovative behind-the-beat phrasing made her very influential.
Bronx Juilliard, Augustus D.
1/9/1905 - 4/2/1905
Woodlawn Cemetery
Established the Juilliard Musical Foundation, which founded the Juilliard School of Music.
Bronx Kress, Samuel
2/5/1905 - 5/8/1905
Woodlawn Cemetery
Dime Store Magnate.
Bronx Lockman, John Thomas
9/26/1834 - 9/27/1912
Woodlawn Cemetery
Civil War Union Brevet Brigadier General.
Served in the Civil War first as a Captain in the 9th New York State Militia regiment.
Bronx Macy, Rowland H.
8/30/1822 - 3/29/1877
Woodlawn Cemetery
Founder of Macy's Department Stores.
Bronx Masterson, Bat (William Barclay)
11/24/1854 - 10/25/1921
Woodlawn Cemetery
Sports columnist, American western folk person.
Newspaper and magazine articles, novels, biographies, motion pictures and television dramas, most classified as fiction, have defined Bat Materson as a leading western figure.
Bronx Melville, Herman
8/1/1819 - 9/28/1891
Woodlawn Cemetery
Born in New York City to Allan Melvill, an importer of French dry goods and Maria Gansevoort, the third child of eight.
Bronx Penney, James Cash
9/16/1875 - 2/12/1971
Woodlawn Cemetery
Businessman and entrepreneur; the founder of the JC Penney Company.
Born in Hamilton, Missouri, his father was an impoverished farmer and part-time Baptist preacher.
Bronx Pulitzer, Joseph
4/10/1847 - 10/29/1911
Woodlawn Cemetery
Hungarian-American journalist and publisher, best known as the founder of the Pulitzer Prizes, the most prestigious awards in American journalism.
Along with William Randolph Hearst, Pulitzer created a new and controversial style of American journalism, dedicated to crusading on the side of people and as a spokesman for democracy.
Bronx Terry, John Darling
1/18/1905 - 3/4/1919
Woodlawn Cemetery
Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient.
Served in the Civil War as a Sergeant in Company E, 23rd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry.
Bronx Vought, Chance (Chauncey Milton)
2/26/1890 - 7/25/1930
Woodlawn Cemetery
Aviaton Pioneer.
In 1910, he left his engineering studies at the University of Pennsylvania to work for Harold McCormick.
Bronx Woolworth, Frank Winfield
4/13/1852 - 4/8/1919
Woodlawn Cemetery
Broome Hart, Johnny
2/18/1931 - 4/7/2007
Nineveh Presbyterian Cemetery
CartooniSt. In 1958, he created and launched the newspaper comic strip B.
Cayuga Tubman (Ross), Harriet (Araminta)
1/29/1820 - 3/10/1913
Fort Hill Cemetery
Fugitive slave, abolitionist leader, a spy, nurse, feminist, and social reformer during a period of profound racial, social, and economic upheaval in the United States.
Harriet Tubman became known as the most famous guide of the Underground Railroad, a secret network that during the mid-1800s helped slaves escape to freedom in the northern United States and Canada.
Chautauqua Ball, Lucille Desiree
8/6/1911 - 4/26/1989
Lake View Cemetery
Legendary comedic actress, best known for the title role in the hit television sitcom of the 1950’s “I Love Lucy.
” She was born Lucille Desiree Ball was on August 6, 1911 in Jamestown, New York.
Chemung Roach, Hal
1/14/1892 - 11/2/1992
Woodlawn Cemetery
Legendary Movie Producer.
He produced films of Laurel & Hardy, Our Gang, and many other classic comedians.
Chemung Twain (Clemens), Mark (Samuel Langhorne)
11/30/1835 - 4/21/1910
Woodlawn Cemetery
Author, HumoriSt.
He is remembered not only for authoring many books but also for his humorist maxims, quotations and opinions.
Clinton Moffitt, Stephen
1/10/1905 - 1/3/1904
Mount Carmel Cemetery
Civil War Union Brevet Brigadier General.
When the Civil War broke out he was the first man to enlist in the 96th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment.
Columbia O'Hanlon, Virginia
7/20/1889 - 5/13/1971
Chatham Rural Cemetery
American Folk Figure.
She penned the most famous Christmas letter of the last two centuries.
Dutchess Roosevelt, Eleanor (Anna)
11/11/1884 - 11/7/1962
Franklin D.
Roosevelt National Historic Site
Presidential First Lady.
Her life was actually a unique two part American march to fame and immortality.
Dutchess Roosevelt, Franklin Delano
1/30/1882 - 4/12/1945
Franklin D.
Roosevelt National Historic Site
32nd US President.
Essex Smith, Kate
5/1/1907 - 6/17/1986
Saint Agnes Cemetery
A popular icon of the Depression and World War II eras, she best known for her stirring renditions of patriotic anthems, most notably her definitive version of "God Bless America," which she originally introduced for Irving Berlin in 1938.
Herkimer Bass, David L.
1842 - 10/15/1886
Wilcox Cemetery
Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient.
He served in the Union Navy during the Civil War as a Seaman on board the warship "USS Minnsota".
Kings Bernstein, Leonard
8/25/1918 - 10/14/1990
Green-Wood Cemetery
Composer, Orchestra Conductor.
Born in Lawrence, Massachusetts, he studied music at both Harvard University and Philadelphia's Curtis Institute of Music.
Kings Clift, Montgomery
10/17/1920 - 7/23/1966
Friends Quaker Cemetery
He is best remembered for his role as ‘Private Robert E.
Kings Halsted, Dr.
William Stewart

9/23/1852 - 9/7/1922
Green-Wood Cemetery
Medical Pioneer.
He is called "the father of modern surgery", and developed procedures still in use.
Kings Morse, Samuel Finley Breese
4/27/1791 - 4/2/1872
Green-Wood Cemetery
Inventor, ArtiSt.
He is best known for inventing the modern magnetic telegraph.
Kings Robinson, Bill 'Bojangles'
May 25, 1877 - 11/25/1949
The Evergreens Cemetery
Actor, Dancer.
Best known for his famous "stair dance" and for his many co-starring roles and dancing duets with Shirley Temple in the 1930s, he was one of the highest-paid performers in vaudeville.
Kings Robinson, Jackie Roosevelt
1/31/1919 - 10/24/1972
Cypress Hills Cemetery
Hall of Fame Major League Baseball Player, Social Reformer.
Famed baseball player and civil rights advocate who became the first African-American to play in modern major league baseball.
Kings Schenck, Joseph
3/5/1905 - 6/28/1930
The Evergreens Cemetery
For 18 years he was partnered with Gus Van in the vaudeville team Van and Schenck, the best known of all two-men singing combinations.
Kings Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Memorial
The Evergreens Cemetery
A monument to eight unidentified victims of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire, March 25, 1911.
The factory, on the upper floors of a supposedly fireproof building near Washington Square in Manhattan, caught fire and 145 people perished - trapped by doors that were locked to prevent union organizers from entering the premises.
Kings West, Mae (Mary Jane)
8/17/1893 - 11/22/1980
Cypress Hills Cemetery
Legendary Entertainer, Actress.
She made her theatrical debut at age 7 for an Elks-sponsored amateur talent contest on the stage of a local vaudeville theater; the award she received for her effort, a gold medal, set the tone for a lifetime of winning appearances.
Kings Williams, Roger
12/21/1602 - 4/1/1683
Green-Wood Cemetery
Religious Figure.
Educated at Cambridge University in England, he was a Calvinist minister who left England because of his disagreement with English principle of an established state church.
Kings Wilson, Christopher W.
1/19/1905 - 9/12/1916
The Evergreens Cemetery
Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient.
He served as a Private in the Union Army in Company E, 73d New York Infantry.
Monroe Anthony, Susan Brownell
2/15/1820 - 3/13/1906
Mount Hope Cemetery
Social Reformer.
One of the most famous suffragettes, she traveled, lectured and canvassed the nation for the vote for over sixty years while also advocating  the abolition of slavery, women's rights to their own property and earnings, and the right to organize and belong to women's labor organizations.
Monroe Douglass, Frederick
2/7/1818 - 2/20/1895
Mount Hope Cemetery
Social Reformer, Human Rights Leader.
Black American who was one of the most eminent human rights leaders of the 19th century.
Monroe Eastman, George
July 12, 1854 - 3/14/1932
Kodak Park
American inventor and philanthropist, best known for revolutionizing photography by putting the first simple camera into the hands of consumers.
In so doing, he made what had been a cumbersome and complicated process easy to use and accessible to nearly everyone.
Nassau Brown (Tobin), Margaret 'Unsinkable Molly Brown'
7/18/1867 - 10/26/1932
Cemetery of the Holy Rood
Humanitarian, philanthropist, suffragist, preservationist, politician, author, stage actress, singer, RMS Titanic survivor - Margaret "Maggie" Tobin was born July 18, 1867 in Hannibal, Missouri to John and Johanna Tobin.
At the age of 19 she went to live in Leadville, Colorado with her brother.
Nassau Roosevelt, Theodore
11/27/1858 - 1/6/1919
Youngs Memorial Cemetery
26th United States President, 25th United States Vice-President, New York Governor, United States Army Officer, Spanish-American War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient.
Served as Governor of New York and later served as President William McKinley's Vice-President.
New York 9/11 Light Memorial
National September 11 Memorial
The Tribute in Light Memorial is in remembrance of the events of September 11, 2001 and to honor the citizens who lost their lives in the World Trade Center attacks.
The $500,000 project was first dedicated on the 6-month anniversary, March 11, 2002.
The two towers of light are composed of two banks of 88 7,000-watt spotlights beams that point straight up into the skyline.
New York Audubon, John James
4/26/1785 - 1/27/1851
Trinity Church Cemetery and Mausoleum
Indelibly linked with the painting of birds, Audubon was the son of a French sea captain and his Creole mistress.
New York Gish (Guiche), Lillian
10/14/1893 - 2/27/1993
Saint Bartholomew's Episcopal Church
Actress, most remembered for her ability to play vulnerable and waiflike fragile, yet inwardly strong roles in many silent films, including her most famous roles in "Birth of a Nation" (1915) and "Intolerance" (1916).
In 1984, she received the American Film Institute's Lifetime Achievement Award.
New York Grant, Ulysses (Hiram Ulysses) Simpson
4/27/1822 - 7/23/1885
General Grant National Memorial
18th United States President, Civil War Union Lieutenant General.
He was born in Point Pleasant, Ohio.
New York Hamilton, Alexander
1/11/1755 - 7/12/1804
Trinity Churchyard
Founding Father, Statesman.
The thirteen states after the Revolutionary War were weak and still separate.
New York Monroe, James
4/28/1758 - 7/4/1831
New York City Marble Cemetery
5th United States President.
James Monroe was born in Westmoreland County Virginia to parents not only wealthy but rich in legacy with kinship to the Royal Family.
New York Orbach, Jerry
10/20/1935 - 12/28/2004
Trinity Church Cemetery and Mausoleum
Although he had an acting career that began in the 1950s, he is best known for his portrayal of 'Detective Lennie Briscoe' in the NBC Police-Courtroom drama television series "Law and Order" from 1992 to 2004.
New York Potter, Edward Elmer
6/21/1823 - 6/1/1889
New York City Marble Cemetery
Civil War Union Brevet Major General.
Born in New York City, he was a successful farmer at the start of the Civil War, when he enlisted in the Union Army.
New York Swanson (Svensson), Gloria
3/27/1899 - 4/4/1983
Episcopal Church of the Heavenly Rest
Legendary actress.
She is considered to be one of the biggest stars of the silent era.
New York World Trade Center Disaster
National September 11 Memorial
Memorial to the victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 including the passengers and crew of the four hijacked flights and those who lost their lives in the World Trade Center and The Pentagon.
Orange Patch, Alexander McCarrell
11/23/1889 - 11/21/1945
United States Military Academy Post Cemetery
US Army WUS Army General.
He graduated from West Point in 1913, was commissioned an officer in the US Infantry and served as an instructor in the Army's machine gun school during World War I.
Orange Pennington, Alexander Cummings McWhorter
1/8/1838 - 11/30/1917
United States Military Academy Post Cemetery
Civil War Union Brigadier General.
Born in Newark, New Jersey, he graduated from West Point in 1860 and was commissioned an officer in the US Artillery.
Orange Rogers, Bernard William
7/16/1921 - 10/27/2008
United States Military Academy Post Cemetery
United States Army General.
He served during his military career as the Chief of Staff, United States Army, and as Supreme Commander, Allied Powers, Europe.
Orange White II.
, Edward H.

11/14/1930 - 1/27/1967
United States Military Academy Post Cemetery
Born in San Antonio, Texas, he was a Air Force Lieutenant Colonel, whom received flight training in Florida and Texas, following his graduation from West Point.
Otsego Kenyon, Samuel P.
1846 - 6/14/1884
Lakeview Cemetery
Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient.
He entered the Union Army at Augusta, New York.
Queens Armstrong, Louis 'Satchmo'
7/4/1900 - 7/6/1971
Flushing Cemetery
Jazz Musician.
Born in the slums of segregated New Orleans, Louisiana, neglected with no supervision, he spent most of his time on the streets, singing with neighborhood kids for loose change and searching garbage cans for food.
Queens Atlas, Charles
10/30/1892 - 12/24/1972
Saint John Cemetery
American Folk Figure.
Born Angelo Siciliano in Acri, Calabria, Italy, he and his mother emigrated to the United States in 1904.
Queens Donnelly, John C.
1839 - 3/9/1905
Calvary Cemetery
Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient.
He entered the Union Navy at New York, New York and served as a Ordinary Seaman.
Queens Gillespie, Dizzy (John Birks)
10/21/1917 - 1/6/1993
Flushing Cemetery
He was a trumpeter recognized as one of the most major contrbutors to the development of American bebop and modern jazz.
Queens Houdini, Harry (Ehrich Weiss)
3/24/1874 - 10/31/1926
Machpelah Cemetery
A legendary magician and escape artist, he was born Ehrich Weiss in Budapest, Hungary, the son of a rabbi and religious teacher.
Queens Lahr, Bert
8/13/1895 - 12/4/1967
Union Field Cemetery
American stage and film actor, best known for his comedic roles, the most famous being ‘The Cowardly Lion’ in the 1939 MGM classic “The Wizard of Oz.
” But long before “Oz," he was an established name in burlesque, vaudeville, and Broadway.
Queens Robinson, Edward (Emanuel Goldenberg) G.
12/12/1893 - 1/26/1973
Beth El Cemetery
He had a strong screen presence and is remembered for his roles as gangsters, which set standards for future tough guy actors.
Rensselaer Moses, Grandma (Anna Mary Robertson)
9/7/1860 - 12/13/1961
Maple Grove New Cemetery
American Painter.
Anna Mary Robertson Moses spent most of her life as a farm wife in rural Washington County, New York, never receiving formal art training.
Rensselaer Stapleton, Maureen
6/21/1925 - 3/13/2006
Saint Marys Cemetery
Best known for her Academy award-winning role as the no-nonsense 'Emma Goldman' in Warren Beatty's 1981 film "Reds.
Rensselaer Thomas, George Henry
7/31/1816 - 3/28/1870
Oakwood Cemetery
Civil War Union Major General.
A career Army officer, he graduated from West Point in 1840, was a veteran of the Seminole and Mexican wars and a cavalry instructor at the academy.
Richmond Crane, Ichabod B.
7/18/1787 - 10/5/1857
Asbury Methodist Cemetery
Literary Figure.
Namesake for the Washington Irving's legendary "Sleepy Hollow" victim.
Richmond Scorsese, Martin
11/17/1942 -
Moravian Cemetery
Hollywood film director.
Rockland Hayes, Helen
10/10/1900 - 3/17/1993
Oak Hill Cemetery
She was known as the First Lady of American Theater.
Seneca Serling, Rod
12/25/1924 - 6/28/1975
Lake View Cemetery
Screen Writer and Producer.
He is best remembered for the television series, "The Twilight Zone" and "Night Gallery.
Suffolk Basie, William James 'Count'
8/21/1904 - 4/26/1984
Pinelawn Memorial Park
Jazz Musician.
He was one of the greatest bandleaders of all-time, epitomizing the jazz of south-western America.
Suffolk Chapin, Harry
12/7/1942 - 7/16/1981
Huntington Rural Cemetery
Singer,  Songwriter,  ActiviSt. He originally wanted to become a filmaker,  and his socially-conscious folk-rock ballads showed a decided flair for storytelling.
Suffolk Coltrane, John William
9/23/1926 - 7/17/1967
Pinelawn Memorial Park
Jazz Musician.
Legendary and acclaimed jazz saxophone player, composer and a major figure in the evolution of the jazz styles known as bebop and free jazz.
Suffolk Cooper, Gary (Frank James)
5/7/1901 - 5/13/1961
Sacred Hearts of Jesus & Mary R.C. Cemetery
His career lasted over thirty six years in which he received five Academy Award nominations for Best Actor, winning twice and also received an Honorary Award from the Academy for his many memorable screen performances and the international recognition he, as an individual, had gained for the motion picture industry.
Suffolk Dempsey, Jack
6/24/1895 - 5/31/1983
Southampton Cemetery
Professional Boxer.
Nicknamed "The Manassa Mauler",  he was Heavyweight Champion of the World from 1919 to 1926.
Suffolk Flight 800 Memorial
Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Memorial to the 230 people killed in the crash of TWA Flight 800, July 17, 1996.
Dedicated on July 14, 2002, It is located on a bluff overlooking Island's south shore.
Suffolk Keeshan, Bob 'Captain Kangaroo'
6/27/1927 - 1/23/2004
Saint Josephs Cemetery
Actor, Comedian, Entertainer, Television Producer.
He is best remembered for his long running children's show as "Captain Kangaroo," which was named after his character's trademark red coat, which had large pockets (like a Kangaroo's) containing many interesting objects that he would display on the show.
Suffolk Lombardo, Guy
6/19/1902 - 11/5/1977
Pinelawn Memorial Park
Orchestra Leader.
The band was a tightly knit group created around the brothers, Guy, Carmen and Lebert and later joined by younger brother Victor.
There family numbered seven in all and their father was a musically minded tailor who encouraged them in learning to play a musical instrument
Suffolk Murphy, Michael Patrick
5/7/1976 - 6/28/2005
Calverton National Cemetery
Afghanistan Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient.
A United States Navy SEAL commando, he was awarded the CMOH for his bravery along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border on June 28, 2005.
Suffolk Puzo, Mario
10/15/1920 - 7/2/1999
West Babylon Cemetery
Novelist and screenwriter.
After serving in World War II, he began his writing career for men's magazines.
Suffolk Robertson, Cliff
9/9/1923 - 9/10/2011
Cedar Lawn Cemetery
American Actor.
He had a film and television career that spanned half of a century.
Suffolk Scudder, Henry Joel
9/18/1825 - 2/10/1886
Old Northport Cemetery
US Congressman.
He graduated from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut in 1846, studied law, and became an attorney in Hew York City in 1848.
Tompkins Sagan, Carl
11/9/1934 - 12/20/1996
Lakeview Cemetery
He was an American astronomer and science writer who used his talents not only for scientific research and government space projects but also in mass media.
Ulster Patterson, Floyd
1/4/1935 - 5/11/2006
New Paltz Rural Cemetery
Professional Boxer.
Heavyweight champion from 1956-1959 & 1960-1962.
Westchester Bancroft (Italiano), Anne (Anna Maria)
9/17/1931 - 6/6/2005
Kensico Cemetery
Actress, Stage, Screen, Television.
Her career spanned half a century.
Westchester Cagney, James
7/17/1899 - 3/30/1986
Gate of Heaven Cemetery
America's quintessential bantam tough guy and a great comedian and song and dance man, James Cagney is in the first rank of Hollywood legends.
Westchester Calloway, Cab
12/25/1907 - 11/18/1994
Ferncliff Cemetery and Mausoleum
Jazz Singer.
One of the premier entertainers in Jazz.
Westchester Carnegie, Andrew
11/25/1835 - 8/11/1919
Sleepy Hollow Cemetery
Businessman, PhilanthropiSt.
He is best known as the founder of what is now USX Corporation.
Westchester Chrysler, Walter
April 2, 1875 - 8/18/1940
Sleepy Hollow Cemetery
He was the first President and Founder of the Chrysler Corporation.
Westchester Crawford, Joan (Lucille Fay LeSueur)
3/23/1908 - 5/10/1977
Ferncliff Cemetery and Mausoleum
Born Lucille Fay Le Sueur in San Antonio, Texas, but christened Joan Crawford by Hollywood, she exemplified the 1920s carefree "flapper" era to a 'T'.
Westchester Dorsey, Tommy
11/19/1905 - 11/26/1956
Kensico Cemetery
Musician, Big-Band leader.
He was by far the most popular band leader of the swing era.
Westchester Garland (Gumm), Judy (Frances Ethel)
6/10/1922 - 6/22/1969
Ferncliff Cemetery and Mausoleum
Considered by many to be the 'World's Greatest Entertainer,' Judy Garland began performing at the age of two and a half.
From 1924-1935 she and her older sisters performed as a singing trio that toured all over the country.
Westchester Gehrig, Lou (Henry Louis)
6/19/1903 - 6/2/1941
Kensico Cemetery
Legendary Baseball Player.
Despite his numerous baseball athletic records, he is best remembered for his farewell speech of July 4, 1939 in Yankee Stadium, in which he said goodbye to his fans.
Westchester Gershwin, George
9/26/1898 - 7/11/1937
Westchester Hills Cemetery
He is best remembered for his compositions with his equally talented lyricist older brother, Ira Gershwin.
Westchester Gershwin, Ira
12/6/1896 - 8/17/1983
Westchester Hills Cemetery
Lyrical composer, best remembered for his compositions with his equally talented younger brother, George Gershwin.
They are responsible for such hit songs as "Someone to Watch over Me" (1926), "Love Walked In" (1937), "Love is Here to Stay" (1937), "Rhapsody in Blue" (1924), and for such musicals as "Of Thee I sing" (1931 - the first musical to ever win a Pulitzer Prize), and "Porgy and Bess" (1935).
Westchester Hammerstein II.
, Oscar

7/12/1895 - 8/23/1960
Ferncliff Cemetery and Mausoleum
Westchester Haughton, Aaliyah Dana
1/16/1979 - 8/25/2001
Ferncliff Cemetery and Mausoleum
R&B singer, dancer, entertainer and actress.
Aaliyah (Arabic for "highest, most exalted one") Dana Haughton was born in Brooklyn, New York on January 16, 1979.
Westchester Kaye (Kaminski), Danny (David Daniel)
1/18/1913 - 3/3/1987
Kensico Cemetery
Actor, Comic, Humanitarian.
His multi-talents led him to success in every facet of show business.
Westchester Lewis, William B.
1/20/1905 - 11/1/1900
Beechwoods Cemetery
Indian Campaigns Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient.
He served as a Sergeant in the Union Army in Company B, 3d U.
Westchester Murphy, Michael C.
1/15/1905 - 3/4/1903
Kensico Cemetery
Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor recipient.
Entered the service at New York, served as a Lieutenant Colonel, 170th New York Infantry.
Westchester Paine, Thomas
1/29/1737 - 6/81809
Thomas Paine National Museum
Author of "Common Sense.
" American Revolutionary War patriot, agitator and pamphleteer.
Westchester Rachmaninoff (Rachmaninov), Sergei Vasilievitch
4/1/1873 - 3/28/1943
Kensico Cemetery
Composer, Orchestera Conductor.
He is best remembered for his piano work, including four concertos, the popular "Prelude in C Sharp Minor" and for "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini," which he wrote for piano and orchestra.
Westchester Randall (Rosenberg), Tony (Leonard)
2/26/1920 - 5/17/2004
Westchester Hills Cemetery
Actor, Entertainer.
Fondly remembered for his role of 'Felix Unger' on the hit 1970s television series, "The Odd Couple," for which he won an Emmy Award.
Westchester Rathbone, Basil (Philip St. John)
6/13/1892 - 7/21/1967
Ferncliff Cemetery and Mausoleum
He is best remembered for his role of 'Sir Guy of Gisbourne' in "The Adventures of Robin Hood" (1938), and for his role of 'Sherlock Holmes' in a series of movies with actor Nigel Bruce playing 'Dr.
Westchester Rushin, James A.
9/15/1922 - 9/14/1998
Amawalk Hill Cemetery
2nd Lt United States Army Air Forces Veteran of World War II One of the famed "Tuskegee Airman.
" Whose World War II heroics and squadron war records aided in the desegregatation the United States Armed Forces in 1948 by President Harry S.
Westchester Ruth, George Herman 'Babe'
2/6/1895 - 8/16/1948
Gate of Heaven Cemetery
Hall of Fame Major League Baseball Player, American Legend.
He was a charter member to the Hall of Fame.
Westchester Sales, Soupy
1/8/1926 - 10/22/2009
Kensico Cemetery
Born Milton Supman, Soupy Sales was an early children's television show icon whose trademark was a cream pie to the face.
Westchester Sills, Beverly
5/25/1929 - 7/2/2007
Sharon Gardens Cemetery
Opera Singer.
Considered to be one of the best known opera singers of the 1960s and 1970s, she was renowned for her coloratura roles in operas around the world.
Westchester Sullivan (Sullivan), Ed (Edward Vincent)
9/28/1901 - 10/13/1974
Ferncliff Cemetery and Mausoleum
Legendary television variety show hoSt. Born on East 114th Street in a Jewish and Irish section of Harlem, New York, he had a twin brother, Daniel, who died as a child.
Westchester Vinton, Doris
3/24/1905 - 9/3/1989
Kensico Cemetery
She appeared in the original productions of “The Manhattaners” (1927), “Say When” (1928), “Luckee Girl” (1928), and “Orchids Preferred” (1937).
Westchester Ziegfeld, Florenz
3/21/1869 - 7/22/1932
Kensico Cemetery
Theatrical Producer.
He is best known for his "Ziegfeld Follies.

New York Cemeteries

Cemetery Name Cemetery City
Mount Albion Cemetery Albion
Cemetery of the Evergreens Brooklyn
Cypress Hills Cemetery Brooklyn
Green-Wood Cemetery Brooklyn
Salem Fields Cemetery Brooklyn
Forest Park Cemetery Brunswick
Forest Lawn Cemetery Buffalo
Saint Charles Cemetery East Farmingdale
New York City Marble Cemetery East Village
New York Marble Cemetery East Village
Woodlawn Cemetery Elmira
Union Cemetery Fort Edward
Ferncliff Cemetery Hartsdale
Westchester Hills Cemetery Hastings-on-Hudson
Gate of Heaven Cemetery Hawthorne
Old Colonial Cemetery Johnstown
Maple Grove Cemetery Kew Gardens
Cold Springs Cemetery Lockport
Mount Olivet Cemetery Maspeth
Albany Rural Cemetery Menands
Oswego Meeting House and Friends' Cemetery Moore's Mill
Moravian Cemetery New Dorp
Beechwoods Cemetery New Rochelle
Holy Sepulchre Cemetery New Rochelle
Trinity Church Cemetery New York City
Oakwood Cemetery Niagara Falls
Witmer Road Cemetery Niagara Falls
Pleasant Lawn Cemetery Parish
Bayside Acacia Cemetery Queens
Calvary Cemetery Queens
Flushing Cemetery Queens
Lutheran All Faiths Cemetery Queens
Machpelah Cemetery Queens
Holy Sepulchre Cemetery Rochester
Mount Hope Cemetery Rochester
Saint Anthony's Lutheran Cemetery Sanborn
Gerald B. H. Solomon Saratoga National Cemetery Saratoga
Vale Cemetery Schenectady
West Hill Cemetery Sherburne
Sleepy Hollow Cemetery Sleepy Hollow
Mount Richmond Cemetery Staten Island
Silver Lake Cemetery Staten Island
Assumption Cemetery Syracuse
Oakwood Cemetery Syracuse
Woodlawn Cemetery The Bronx
Oakwood Cemetery Troy
Kensico Cemetery Valhalla
Goodleburg Cemetery Wales
Saint Peter's Cemetery West New Brighton

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