Illinois Cemetery Records Research Guide

Illinois cemetery records can come in handy when you are trying to gather information for genealogy research.

Whether you are doing research for your own family tree, or helping someone else learn more about their family history, Illinois cemetery records can provide a lot of important pieces of information that is pertinent to this type of research.

You can easily access Illinois cemetery records. All you have to do is ask for them, and you will receive copies for a small administration cost.

Once you have these records, you can use them to start your research, or add to the work you have already done.

Illinois Cemetery and gravestone inscriptions are a rich source of information for family historians. For Definitions of all Cemetery Terms See Symbols on Gravestones and Their Interpretations

If You are Just Getting Started

If you are just starting your project, Illinois cemetery records can provide you with a lot of great information that will lead you to more ancestors to look up.

It is a good idea to do a little bit of work before you start looking for Illinois cemetery records.

You should get things set up, and have lists ready so you know what you want to look for in all of the documents you use, including Illinois cemetery records. Once you have your lists, you can go about getting all of the documents you will need.

In addition to Illinois cemetery records, you should also try to get the following documents:

  • Birth Records
  • Death Records
  • Marriage/Divorce Records
  • Census Records

Illinois cemetery records and the above-mentioned records can really help with your research. Another way to get a lot of great information is to talk to elderly relatives.

They can tell you things that happened many years ago, and provide you with information that you may not find in Illinois cemetery records, including fun stories and anecdotes you can add to make your completed family tree more fun and interesting for others to read.

They may also have documents hidden in the family bible that will help with your research.

Whether you are just starting your research, or you have already got some, or a lot of it done, you can get a lot of really great information out of Illinois cemetery records.

Research In Illinois Cemetery Records

The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and the Genealogical Society of Utah have worked together to create a cemetery record collection covering Illinois cemeteries. The FHL also has a collection of records on file called ” Soldiers’ Burial Places in State of Illinois for Wars, 1774-1898.” It is compiled on 31 microfilm reels. Other cemetery records may be found in local genealogical and historical societies.

A statewide project to create an Illinois cemetery directory is currently being conducted by the Illinois State Genealogical Society. Researchers can contact their cemetery committee for more information on the project. The society’s website also lists information about the project.

Famous People Buried in Illinois Cemeteries

County Name / Date / Cemetery Description
Adams Hammond Jr. , Lester
3/25/1931 – 8/14/1952
Sunset Cemetery
Korean War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient.
Hammond served as a Corporal, United States Army, Company A, 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team.
Adams Morgan, James Dada
8/1/1810 – 9/12/1896
Woodland Cemetery
Civil War Union Brevet Major General.
Born in Boston, Massachusetts, at the start of the Civil War, he was appointed Lieutenant Colonel of the 10th Illinois Infantry Regiment on April 29, 1861.
Adams Taylor, William G.
1/4/1905 –
Sunset Cemetery
Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient.
Served in the Union Navy during the Civil War as a Captain of the Forecastle on board the “USS Ticonderoga”.
He was awarded the CMOH for his bravery in the failed first Union Army-Navy assault on Fort Fisher, North Carolina on December 24 and 25, 1864.
Cook Belushi, John
1/24/1949 – 3/5/1982
Elmwood Cemetery and Mausoleum
Cook Boggs, Francis
2/12/1905 – 10/27/1911
Graceland Cemetery
Pioneer Motion Picture Director.
Born in Santa Rosa,  California,  he made his acting debut in San Francisco and toured the southwest with stock companies before moving to Chicago in 1902.
Cook Capone, Alphonse ‘Al’
1/17/1899 – 1/25/1947
Mount Carmel Cemetery
Organized Crime Figure, Chicago Gangster.
Probably the best known of the 1920s gangsters, he controlled Chicago until brought down by FBI Agent Elliott Ness.
Cook Capone, Alphonse ‘Al’
1/17/1899 – 1/25/1947
Mount Olivet Catholic Cemetery
Organized Crime Figure, Chicago Gangster.
Probably the best known of the 1920s gangsters, he controlled Chicago until brought down by FBI Agent Elliott Ness.
Cook Chicago Volunteer Firefighter’s Memorial

Rosehill Cemetery and Mausoleum
Erected in 1864, the monument honors all the volunteer fireman who served the City of Chicago.
In October 1979, the monument was rededicated by the Firefighter’s Union of Chicago.
Cook Fermi, Enrico
9/29/1901 – 11/28/1954
Oak Woods Cemetery
He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1938.
Cook Harris, Norman Wait
8/15/1846 – 7/15/1916
Rosehill Cemetery and Mausoleum
Banker in Chicago, Harris Trust is named for him.
Cook Harvey Sr. , Paul
9/4/1918 – 2/28/2009
Forest Home Cemetery
News Commentator.
Born Paul Harvey Aurandt, he was a radio legend who began his career in 1933 while still in high school.
Cook Hennings, Ernest Martin
2/5/1886 – 5/19/1956
Memorial Park Cemetery and Crematorium
Painter of Western landscapes, Indian genre, figure compositions and portraits.
Cook Krupa, Gene (Eugene Bertram)
1/15/1909 – 10/16/1973
Holy Cross Cemetery
Band Leader, Drummer.
He was considered to be the first drum “soloist” by his introduction of extended interludes into jazz renditions which brought the drum to the forefront in music.
Cook Mac (McCullough), Bernie (Bernard Jeffrey)
10/5/1957 – 8/9/2008
Washington Memory Gardens Cemetery
Comedian, Actor.
Born Bernard Jeffrey McCullough, he began his career as a stand up comic in Chicago’s Cotton Pickin’ Club and in 1990, he won the Miller Lite Comedy Search at age 32.
Cook Mayer, Oscar
3/29/1859 – 3/11/1955
Rosehill Cemetery and Mausoleum
Business Magnate.
Oscar F. Mayer was born in the Bavaria section of Germany.
In 1873, at the age of 14, the family grocery business failed, and Oscar came to the United States with his cousin.
Cook McCoy, Joe ‘Kansas’
3/19/1905 – 5/3/1905
Restvale Cemetery
Blues Musician.
Born in Raymond, Mississippi, he was a guitar player best known as “Kansas Joe” on the music scene in Memphis, Tennessee, in the 1920s.
Cook Owens, Jesse (James Cleveland) ‘JC’
9/12/1913 – 3/31/1980
Oak Woods Cemetery
American Athlete.
Jesse Owens first came to national prominence in 1933 when, as a senior at Cleveland East Technical High School, he tied the world record for the 100-yard dash.
Cook Roebuck, Alvah Curtis
1/9/1864 – 6/18/1948
Acacia Park Cemetery and Mausoleum
Co-founder of Sears and Roebuck Company.
Cook Rueckheim, Louis
9/1849 – 10/15/1927
Oak Woods Cemetery
He co-invented Crackerjack (caramel-coated popcorn and peanuts, sold with a small ‘prize’ in each box) with his brother Frederick, in 1871 at their Chicago Popcorn stand.
Cook Sears, Richard Warren
12/7/1863 – 9/28/1914
Rosehill Cemetery and Mausoleum
He was the founder of Sears, Roebuck and Company, one of the the world’s most successful department store chains.
Cook Ward, Aaron Montgomery
2/17/1843 – 12/7/1913
Rosehill Cemetery and Mausoleum
In 1872, he founded Montgomery Ward and Company, the world’s first mail order business.
Cook Waters (Morganfield), Muddy (McKinley)
4/4/1915 – 4/30/1983
Restvale Cemetery
Blues Musician.
Born McKinley Morganfield, Muddy Waters received his more famous sobriquet as a child.
Cook Williams, Daniel Hale
1/18/1856 – 8/4/1931
Graceland Cemetery
Medical Pioneer.
He is credited with performing the first open-heart surgery.
Crawford Lagow, Clark Brading
11/7/1828 – 4/16/1867
Palestine Cemetery
Civil War Union Brevet Brigadier General.
Served in the Civil War at first as a 1st Lieutenant in the 21st Illinois Volunteer Infantry.
Jasper Ives (Ivanhoe), Burl Icle
6/14/1909 – 4/14/1995
Mound Cemetery
Actor, Folk Singer, Author.
Over the course of a long and diverse show business career, this imposing 300 pound singer appeared in some 30 movies, a dozen Broadway productions and recorded over 100 albums while making countless radio and television appearances.
Knox Sandburg, Carl
1/6/1878 – 7/22/1967
Carl Sandburg Birthplace
La Salle Larrabee, James W.
1/12/1905 – 12/30/1907
Fourmile Grove Cemetery
Civil War Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient.
He served as a First Sergeant in the Union Army.
Marion Wilson, Robert Lee
5/24/1921 – 8/3/1944
Hillcrest Memorial Park Cemetery
World War II Congressional Medal of Honor recipient.
Served with Company D, 2nd Pioneer Battalion, 18th Marines, 2nd Marine Division.
Rock Island Deere, John
2/7/1804 – 5/17/1886
Riverside Cemetery
19th Century American inventor and industrialist, best known for founding the yard, farm and earthmoving equipment company that bears his name.
John Deere was born in Rutland, Vermont, on February 7, 1804, the third son of William Rinold Deere, a merchant tailor.
Sangamon Lincoln, Abraham
2/12/1809 – 4/15/1865
Oak Ridge Cemetery
Sixteenth United States President.
As newly elected Abraham Lincoln made his way by train to Washington to assume the Presidency, the Union was fast disintegrating with secession by South Carolina followed by seven other Southern States.
Sangamon Lincoln, Mary Todd
12/13/1818 – 7/16/1882
Oak Ridge Cemetery
Presidential First Lady.
She was born to pioneer settlers in Kentucky.
Tazewell Veterans Memorial

Veterans of Foreign Wars Memorial Park
Memorial Site.
Dedicated to all veterans of all wars by the VFW Post 2078.
Winnebago Farnsworth, Elon John
7/30/1837 – 7/3/1863
Rockton Township Cemetery
Civil War Union Brigadier General.
Entered the service as 1st Lt in the 8th Illinios Cavalry and then served as captain.

Illinois Cemeteries

Cemetery Name Cemetery City
Restvale Cemetery Alsip
Grass Lake Cemetery Antioch
Hickory Union Cemetery Antioch
Home Oaks Cemetery Antioch
Evergreen Cemetery Bloomington
Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery Chicago
Graceland Cemetery Chicago
Oak Woods Cemetery Chicago
Rosehill Cemetery Chicago
St. Casimir Cemetery Chicago
Burr Oak Cemetery Cook County
Altenheim Cemetery Forest Park
Concordia Cemetery Forest Park
German Waldheim Cemetery Forest Park
Jewish Waldheim Cemetery Forest Park
Virden Cemetery Forest Park
Woodlawn Cemetery Forest Park
Avon Centre Cemetery Grayslake
Grayslake Cemetery Grayslake
Sunset Lawn Cemetery Harrisburg
Mount Carmel Cemetery Hillside
Queen of Heaven Cemetery Hillside
Angolian Cemetery Lake Villa
East Fox Lake Cemetery Lake Villa
Sand Lake Cemetery Lake Villa
Riverside Cemetery Moline
St. Adalbert Cemetery Niles
Westlawn Cemetery Norridge
Maplewood Cemetery Rantoul
Chippiannock Cemetery Rock Island
Arlington Memorial Cemetery Rockford
Oak Ridge Cemetery Springfield
Holy Sepulchre Cemetery Worth

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