Nebraska Cemetery Records Research Guide

If you have never used a tool like Nebraska cemetery records to look for genealogy data, it is time to try it. Whatever reason you need to find ancestry data, you may be quite amazed at how much you can gain from Nebraska cemetery records. Records such as this can be anything from tombstone transcriptions to detailed data about those who are buried within certain cemeteries. For Definitions of all Cemetery Terms See Symbols on Gravestones and Their Interpretations

Of course, some of what you find in Nebraska cemetery records depends on the records keeping of the individual cemetery and how far back you need to go with your Nebraska cemetery records search. You may also be conducting Nebraska cemetery records searches for private, public and hard to find cemetery records. Of course, national cemeteries for the state of Nebraska may also provide you with important data too.

Nebraska cemetery records have become a useful tool to use because they can often help where a census cannot or when other records cannot be located. It is important to try to have an idea of where you should be looking within the state for Nebraska cemetery records. Narrowing down the county and determining whether it is a national cemetery or a private one are ways to have better success tracking down the information you want and need.

Keep in Mind

The thing is even if you are looking for someone who died in the state of Nebraska this does not necessarily mean they are buried in the state. Nebraska cemetery records often contain data for those who lived in another state but were brought back to the state to be buried in their place of birth. So, many who die in Nebraska may still be taken back to their own hometown for a burial.

For this reason, it may also be important to try to know where a person was born. If they were not born in the state, then looking through Nebraska cemetery records may be useless. The trick is not to give up. Eventually your Nebraska cemetery records search or other vital records search will help you track down the data you need.

Research In Nebraska Cemetery Records

The Nebraska State Historical Society holds transcribed records of many inscriptions from cemeteries across the state. The USGenWeb Project has also placed many of those transcriptions and records online. The Washington, D.C. DAR library also has a collection of volumes containing information about more than 150 Nebraska cemeteries. There is also one National Cemetery located in the state. It is the Fort McPherson National Cemetery.

Famous People Buried in Nebraska Cemeteries

County Name / Date / Cemetery Description
Dawes Crazy Horse
1842 – 9/5/1877
Fort Robinson Cemetery
Oglala (Lakota) Sioux Indian Chief.
Born Tashunca-uitco, even as a young man he was a legendary warrior.
Lincoln Fous, James W.
10/14/1946 – 5/14/1968
Fort McPherson National Cemetery
Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient.
James W.

Nebraska Cemeteries

Cemetery Name Cemetery City
St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran German Church and Cemetery Hayes Center
Wyuka Cemetery Lincoln
Fort McPherson National Cemetery Lincoln County

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