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I have multiple books published by Paradise Genealogy Society. I am very good at being able to find very obscure burials at old cemeteries without offices.
I do not do obit look ups, but can direct you to Paradise Gen. Society where they do them.
I do not have Internet at home since I became disabled, so I retrieve your emails at the library, do the look ups at home, make copies, and use snail mail. I am not fast, but I love it. I do ask reimbursement.
I don't require one relative at a time but do ask a reasonable amount of information to start with. I will give an example.
The family name I am researching is Holliday. Some of the first names are William Carroll, Daisy, Roscoe. They seem to be related to the Leeks. They lived in the area after the Civil War. To me that would be enough info.
I do specialize in the time frame before records were required in 1905. That is what I focused on collecting.
I have tried to help adoptees in their quest, but it is tough sledding. I would have needed to know if I were adopted. I adopted two of my foster children, and was able to get my hands on their original birth certificates before their adoptions.
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Copies cost me $.10 at the Library, so that is what I will charge. I also ask reimbursement for postage. I send the information with a SASE and a post it attached with the costs. I have been stiffed twice only. Not too bad for the amount of look ups I have done.

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