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Cemetery Photos, State / Local Archive
The district of Moray in Scotland
Brief Directory Description
I will look up information that cannot be accessed online, and photograph gravestones, in the district of Moray. Please note that the present district of Moray comprises most, but not all, of the County of Moray and about two-thirds of the County of Banff.
Volunteer Research Description

I will not look up anything that is available on www.scotlandspeople.gov.uk, and I will give advice if asked to look up or photograph anything that is not actually in the district of Moray, for example archives relating to Moray that are held in Aberdeen. I will ask for reimbursement for any expenditure incurred including parking fees.



I initially approached Anne about being able to photograph a gravesite for me in Old Aberlour. It seemed to be quite a complex task in that it was difficult to actually locate the actual grave. However, Anne has gone above and beyond my expectations on this occasion and provided me with not only a photograph of the grave once it was finally located, but a heap of other information which related to this family. I can\'t thank her enough for all her time and effort. Anne was fantastic – thank you so much!

Mairi Sanda | September 21, 2018
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