The Importance of Cemetery Records in Genealogical Research

Cemetery records and gravestones are not considered direct evidence in genealogical research but that doesn’t mean they don’t provide critical information for anyone doing genealogical research. Many of those who are seeking to trace their ancestry overlook these records because they believe they already have all the information they might be able to get from

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Introduction to Genealogical Record Keeping

Thankfully, the internet has made it possible to locate significant amounts of genealogical data online. What would have taken our grandparents months of writing letters and searching library indexes can now be found with just a few key strokes. The availability of incredibly beneficial software programs and web applications like Family Tree Maker and Ancestry.com

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Site Login Issues

There are some issues with logging in through the chrome browser. if you cannot login then try using Internet Explorer or another browser. UPDATE 1/7/2014: I have added a Login area on the sidebar that seems to have cleared up a lot of the issues. UPDATE 1/9/2014: Seems to still be having issues with the

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New Ancestry.com Databases for 2014

New Ancestry.com Databases for 2014 Date Summit County, Ohio, Coroner's, Hospital and Cemetery Records, 1882-1947 12/18/2014 Eastern Cape, South Africa, Estate Files, 1962-1971 12/16/2014 Georgia, Central Register of Convicts, 1817-1976 12/11/2014 Indiana, WWII Servicemen Database Index, 1941-1946 12/9/2014 Jamaica, Civil Birth Registration, 1878-1930 12/4/2014 Czech Republic, Church Books, 1552-1948 12/4/2014 Minnesota, Naturalization Card Index, 1930-1988

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