New Databases for 2014Date
Summit County, Ohio, Coroner’s, Hospital and Cemetery Records, 1882-194712/18/2014
Eastern Cape, South Africa, Estate Files, 1962-197112/16/2014
Georgia, Central Register of Convicts, 1817-197612/11/2014
Indiana, WWII Servicemen Database Index, 1941-194612/9/2014
Jamaica, Civil Birth Registration, 1878-193012/4/2014
Czech Republic, Church Books, 1552-194812/4/2014
Minnesota, Naturalization Card Index, 1930-198812/4/2014
Iowa State Census, 190512/4/2014
Oregon, Biographical and Other Index Card File, 1700s-1900s12/3/2014
Tennessee, Passenger and Crew Manifests of Airplanes Arriving at Memphis, 1958-196112/1/2014
Nebraska, Homestead Records, 1861-193611/24/2014
Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Passenger Manifests of Airplanes, 1958-196111/24/2014
Czechoslovakia, Social Welfare and Repatriation Records of Holocaust Survivors, 1939-1948 (USHMM)11/18/2014
Savannah, Georgia, Select Board of Health and Health Department Records, 1824-1864, 1887-189611/10/2014
U.S., List of Interred Soldiers of the U.S. Army, 1827-188911/10/2014
California, Military Registers, 1858-192311/6/2014
Oklahoma and Indian Territory, Land Allotment Jackets for Five Civilized Tribes, 1884-193411/4/2014
California, Alien Land Ownership Records, 1921-195911/4/2014
Oklahoma, Land Run and other Land Records, 1889-192611/3/2014
Oklahoma and Indian Territory, Dawes Census Cards for Five Civilized Tribes, 1898-191411/3/2014
U.S., Ratified Indian Treaties and Chiefs, 1722-186911/3/2014
Oklahoma, Indian Land Allotment Sales, 1908-192711/3/2014
U.S., Records Related to Enrollment of Eastern Cherokee by Guion Miller, 1908-191011/3/2014
Oklahoma and Indian Territory, Indian and Pioneer Historical Collection, 193711/3/2014
Oklahoma, Historical Indian Archives Index, 1856-193311/3/2014
Oklahoma and Indian Territory, Indian Photos, 1850-193011/3/2014
Oklahoma and Indian Territory, Indian Censuses and Rolls, 1851-195911/3/2014
US, African American Civil War Sailor Index, 1861-186511/3/2014
Oklahoma and Indian Territory, Marriage, Citizenship and Census Records, 1841-192711/3/2014
Ventura County, California, Obituary Index, 1916-199611/3/2014
U.S., Native American Applications for Enrollment in Five Civilized Tribes, 1898-191410/29/2014
New York, State Census, 186510/27/2014
U.S., Select Military Registers, 1862-198510/22/2014
1920 United States Federal Census10/22/2014
California, Spanish Archive Records, 1784-186810/22/2014
Alabama, Voter Registration Records, 186710/22/2014
California, Berkeley Public Library Obituary Index, 1894-197910/22/2014
Huánuco, Peru, Civil Registration, 1889-1997 (in Spanish)10/21/2014
North Carolina, Civil Action Court Papers, 1712-197010/21/2014
U.S. Passport Applications, 1795-192510/15/2014
North Carolina, Death Indexes, 1908-200410/14/2014
Hungary, Select Catholic Church Records, 1636-1895 (in Hungarian)10/10/2014
Carson City, Nevada, Birth Index, 1867-195710/9/2014
Colorado County, Texas, Cemetery Index, 1851-201110/9/2014
Netherlands, GenealogieOnline Trees Index, 1000-Current (in Dutch)10/9/2014
Massachusetts, Passenger and Crew Lists, 1949-195710/8/2014
Savannah, Georgia, Voter Records, 1856-1896, 1901-191710/8/2014
Bermuda, Passenger and Crew Manifests, 1957-196910/6/2014
Oregon, Marriage Indexes, 1906-1924, 1946-200810/2/2014
Douglas, Arizona, Passenger and Crew Manifests of Airplanes, 1958-19609/30/2014
Delaware, Land Records, 1677-19479/29/2014
New England, Select United Methodist Church Records, 1787-19229/25/2014
California, State Court Naturalization Records, 1850-19869/24/2014
Idaho, Death Records, 1890-19309/8/2014
Tennessee Valley Cemetery Relocation Files, 1933-19909/8/2014
Lake County, Ohio, Obituary Index, 1830-20119/5/2014
Floyd County, Georgia, Myrtle Hill Cemetery Index, 1833-20129/5/2014
Brazil, Find A Grave Index, 1800s-Current9/2/2014
Mexico, Find A Grave Index, 1800s-Current9/2/2014
Norway, Find A Grave Index, 1800s-Current9/2/2014
Georgia, Passenger and Crew Lists, 1928-19649/2/2014
U.S., Identification Card Files of Prohibition Agents, 1920-19259/1/2014
California, Railroad Employment Records, 1862-19508/28/2014
Tennessee State Marriages, 1780-20028/28/2014
Delaware, Craftperson Files, 1600-19958/27/2014
Willamette Valley, Oregon, Death Records, 1838-20068/26/2014
Illinois, Passenger and Crew List 1918-19638/25/2014
U.S. School Yearbooks, 1880-20128/21/2014
Maine, Passenger Lists, 1894-19608/14/2014
New York, New York, Birth Index, 1878-19098/13/2014
Kentucky, Birth Index, 1911-19998/5/2014
Alaska, Passenger and Crew Manifests, 1906-19818/4/2014
Philadelphia Passenger Lists, 1800-19488/4/2014
California, State Hospital Records, 1856-19237/31/2014
Edgefield, South Carolina, Slave Records, 1774-18667/30/2014
U.S., War Department, Press Releases and Related Records, 1942-19457/30/2014
Slovakia, Church and Synagogue Books, 1592-19107/28/2014
U.S., Headstone and Interment Records for U.S. Military Cemeteries on Foreign Soil, 1942-19497/23/2014
Jamaica, Church of England Parish Register Transcripts, 1664-18797/22/2014
New England, The Great Migration and The Great Migration Begins, 1620-16357/22/2014
U.S. City Directories, 1821-19897/22/2014
U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-19187/21/2014
Quintana Roo, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1866-1902 (in Spanish)7/21/2014
Morelos, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1861-1920 (in Spanish)7/21/2014
Tlaxcala, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1639-1950 (in Spanish)7/21/2014
Campeche, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1860-1926 (in Spanish)7/21/2014
Baja California and Baja California Sur, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1860-2004 (in Spanish)7/21/2014
Colima, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1860-1997 (in Spanish)7/21/2014
Nayarit, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1868-2001 (in Spanish)7/21/2014
Aguascalientes, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1859-1961 (in Spanish)7/21/2014
Querétaro, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1864-2005 (in Spanish)7/21/2014
Nuevo León, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1859-1962 (in Spanish)7/21/2014
Sonora, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1861-1995 (in Spanish)7/21/2014
Durango, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1861-1995 (in Spanish)7/21/2014
Tamaulipas, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1800-2002 (in Spanish)7/21/2014
Coahuila, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1861-1998 (in Spanish)7/21/2014
Michoacán, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1859-1940 (in Spanish)7/21/2014
México Estado, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1861-1941 (in Spanish)7/21/2014
Zacatecas, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1860-2000 (in Spanish)7/21/2014
Guanajuato, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1862-1930 (in Spanish)7/21/2014
Puebla, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1861-1930 (in Spanish)7/21/2014
Yucatán, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1860-1926 (in Spanish)7/21/2014
Chiapas, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1861-1990 (in Spanish)7/21/2014
Guerrero, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1833-1996 (in Spanish)7/21/2014
Chihuahua, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1861-1997 (in Spanish)7/21/2014
Hidalgo, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1861-1967 (in Spanish)7/21/2014
Veracruz, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1821-1949 (in Spanish)7/21/2014
San Luis Potosí, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1859-2000 (in Spanish)7/21/2014
Oaxaca, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1861-2002 (in Spanish)7/21/2014
Jalisco, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1857-2000 (in Spanish)7/21/2014
Distrito Federal, Mexico, Civil Registration, 1832-2005 (in Spanish)7/21/2014
New York, Estate Inventories and Accounts, 1666-18227/16/2014
Venezuela, Civil Registration, 1873-2003 (in Spanish)7/14/2014
Savannah, Georgia, City Council Minutes, 1790-19007/9/2014
Bronx County, New York, Divorce and Civil Case Records, 1914-1951, 1961-19957/8/2014
U.S., Tennessee Valley, Family Removal and Population Readjustment Case Files, 1934-19537/7/2014
California, Prison and Correctional Records, 1851-19507/7/2014
New York, Governor’s Registers of Commitments to Prisons, 1842-19087/7/2014
New York, Discharges of Convicts, 1882-19157/7/2014
New York, Prisoners Received at Newgate State Prison, 1797-18107/7/2014
New York, Executive Orders for Commutations, Pardons, Restorations and Respites, 1845-19317/7/2014
New York, Tax Assessment Rolls of Real and Personal Estates, 1799-18047/2/2014
New York, Registers of Officers and Enlisted Men Mustered into Federal Service, 1861-18657/2/2014
U.S., The Pension Roll of 18357/2/2014
New York, Pension Claims by Disabled Revolutionary War Veterans, 1779-17897/2/2014
Kentucky Marriages, 1802-18506/24/2014
Connecticut Town Death Records, pre-1870 (Barbour Collection)6/23/2014
Abraham Lincoln Papers6/23/2014
US, Register of Civil, Military, and Naval Service, 1863-19596/23/2014
Oregon, Early Oregonians Index, 1800-18606/23/2014
Connecticut, Town Marriage Records, pre-1870 (Barbour Collection)6/19/2014
Riley County, Kansas State Census, 19156/18/2014
Emmet County, Michigan, Marriage Index, 1857-20126/18/2014
Oklahoma, Oklahoman Obituary Index, 1972-20126/18/2014
Poland, Lodz Ghetto Register Books (USHMM), 1939-1944 (in German)6/16/2014
Illinois, Select United Methodist Church Records, 1824-20096/12/2014
Michigan, Divorce Records, 1897-19526/11/2014
Washington, Passenger and Crew Lists, 1882-19616/11/2014
New Jersey, County Naturalization Records, 1749-19866/10/2014
Missouri Cemetery Inscription Sources6/10/2014
DeKalb County, Georgia, Marriage Index, 1840-19086/10/2014
Switzerland, Church Book Extracts, 1550-1875 (in French)6/10/2014
Virgin Islands US, Church Records, 1765-20106/10/2014
Montana, County Marriages, 1865-19506/10/2014
Iowa Marriages to 18506/10/2014
Ohio, Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center Obituary Index, 1810s-20136/10/2014
Texas, Death Certificates, 1903–19826/9/2014
Vermont, Land Records, Early to 19006/9/2014
Central America, Colonial Census Records (in Spanish)6/9/2014
Czech Republic, Censuses, 1857-1921 (in Czech)6/9/2014
Japan, Village Records, 709-1949 (in )6/9/2014
Třeboň, Czech Republic, Nobility Seignorial records, 1579-1859 (in Czech)6/9/2014
Moldova, Church Books, 1811-1936 (in Romanian)6/9/2014
DeKalb County, Georgia, Confederate Enlistment Index, 1861-18636/9/2014
Puerto Rico, Civil Registrations, 1885-2001 (in Spanish)6/6/2014
Louisiana, State Penitentiary Records, 1866-19636/5/2014
Luxembourg, Notarial Records, 1621-1821 (in German)6/3/2014
Denmark, Estate Records, 1436-1964 (in Danish)6/3/2014
Czech Republic, Land Records, 1450-1889 (in Czech)6/3/2014
Stark County, Ohio, Court Records, 1809-19176/3/2014
Texas, County Tax Rolls, 1846-19106/3/2014
Moldova, Poll Tax Census (Revision Lists) and Census Lists, 1796-1917 (in Romanian)6/3/2014
South Dakota, State Census, 19056/3/2014
Netherlands, Census and Population Registers, 1645-1940 (in Dutch)6/3/2014
Upper Austria, Austria, Catholic Church Records, 1772-1853 (in German)6/3/2014
Philippines, Civil Registration (Archives Division), 1902-19456/3/2014
Northern Moravia, Czech Republic, Opava Archive Church Books, 1571-1905 (in Czech)6/3/2014
Luxembourg, Civil Registration, 1793-1923 (in German)6/3/2014
La Libertad, Peru, Civil Registration, 1903-1998 (in Spanish)6/3/2014
Dominican Republic, Civil Registration, 1801-2010 (in Spanish)6/3/2014
Philippines, Civil Registration (Local), 1888-19816/3/2014
Philippines, Civil Registration (National), 1945-19816/3/2014
Pennsylvania, Society of Mayflower Descendants Applications, 1911-19296/3/2014
San Francisco Area, California, Funeral Home Records, 1850-19316/3/2014
Salt Lake County, Utah, Death Records, 1908-19496/3/2014
California, County Birth and Death Records, 1849-19946/3/2014
Noord-Brabant, Netherlands, Church Records, 1473-1909 (in Dutch)6/3/2014
Dominican Republic, Miscellaneous Records, 1921-1980 (in Spanish)6/3/2014
São Paulo, Brazil, Burial Records, 1858-1977 (in Portuguese)5/28/2014
Piauí, Brazil, Civil Registration, 1875-2012 (in Portuguese)5/28/2014
Stark County, Ohio, Coroner’s Records, 1890-20025/28/2014
North Carolina, Deaths, 1906-19305/28/2014
Noord-Holland, Netherlands, Civil Registration, 1811-1950 (in Dutch)5/28/2014
Purwodadi, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia, Citizenship Records, 1932-2012 (in )5/28/2014
Estonia, Population Registers, 1918-1944 (in )5/28/2014
Noord-Brabant, Netherlands, Province Population Registers, 1820-1930 (in Dutch)5/28/2014
Pohnpei, Micronesia, Court Records, 1951-20105/28/2014
Louisiana, Orleans Parish Estate Files, 1804-18465/28/2014
Twin Falls County, Idaho, County Records, 1906-19885/28/2014
California, San Mateo County Records, 1855-19915/28/2014
Ohio, County Naturalization Records, 1800-19775/27/2014
Colombia, Military Records, 1809-1958 (in Spanish)5/27/2014
Netherlands, Army Service Records, 1807-1929 (in Dutch)5/22/2014
Purwokerto, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia, Naturalization Records, 1950-2012 (in )5/22/2014
Belgium, Antwerp Police Immigration, 1840-1930 (in French)5/22/2014
Pierce County, Washington, Marriage Returns 1891-19505/22/2014
Jefferson County, Ohio, Court Records, 1797-19405/22/2014
Cuyahoga County, Ohio, County Records 1880-19505/20/2014
Lincoln County, Idaho, County Records 1886-19725/20/2014
Cajamarca, Peru, Civil Registration, 1938-1996 (in Spanish)5/20/2014
Cusco, Peru, Civil Registration, 1889-1997 (in Spanish)5/19/2014
Zimbabwe, Death notices, 1904-19765/19/2014
Diocese of Toledo, Ohio, Catholic Parish Records, 1796-20045/19/2014
Wonosobo, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia, Naturalization Records, 1927-2011 (in )5/19/2014
Paraguay, Miscellaneous Records, 1509-1977 (in Spanish)5/19/2014
New York, State Census, 19055/15/2014
Lemhi County, Idaho, County Records 1868-19645/12/2014
Boyolali, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia, Naturalization and Citizenship Records, 1960-2011 (in )5/12/2014
Amazonas, Peru, Civil Registration, 1939-1995 (in Spanish)5/12/2014
Nevada, County Marriages, 1862-19935/12/2014
Texas, Gonzalez de la Garza Genealogy Collection, 1800s-1900s5/12/2014
USHMM: Poland, Łódż Ghetto Worker ID Cards, 1940-1944 (in German)5/8/2014
Basel, Switzerland, Local Citizenship Requests, 1358-1798 (in French)5/7/2014
Washington, County Naturalization Records, 1850-19825/7/2014
Texas, Naturalization Records, 1906-19895/7/2014
Utah, Birth Certificates, 1903-19115/7/2014
Utah, Death and Military Death Certificates, 1904-19615/7/2014
Tazewell County, Illinois, Obituary Card Index from the Pekin Times, 1914-20075/7/2014
Washington, County Divorce Records, 1852-19505/7/2014
Kansas, County Marriages, 1855-19115/7/2014
Eastland County, Texas, County Records, 1868-19495/7/2014
Washington, County Land Records, 1850-19545/7/2014
Louisiana, Confederate Pensions, 1898-19505/7/2014
U.S., Union Provost Marshal Files of Individual Civilians, 1861-18665/7/2014
North Carolina, State Supreme Court Case Files, 1800-19095/6/2014
Accra, Ghana, Marriages, 1876-20035/6/2014
Chelsea, Massachusetts, Navy General Register of Patients, 1872-19175/1/2014
Pohnpei, Micronesia, Civil Registration, 1948-20095/1/2014
Austria, Vienna, Jewish Registers of Births, Marriages and Deaths, 1784-1911(in German)5/1/2014
U.S., Navy Burial Records, 1898-19325/1/2014
Savannah, Georgia, Cemetery Burial Lot Cards, 1807-19955/1/2014
South Dakota, State Census, 19455/1/2014
South Dakota, State Census, 19355/1/2014
South Dakota, State Census, 19255/1/2014
Louisiana, War of 1812 Pension Lists4/30/2014
Kentucky, Confederate Pension Applications, 1912-19504/30/2014
New Holstein, Calumet, Wisconsin, Obituary Records, 1900-20014/30/2014
Washington, Postmaster Indexes, Prior to 19654/30/2014
Dominican Republic, Civil Births, 1828-1917 (in Spanish)4/28/2014
Zimbabwe, Death Registers, 1890-1977; Index to Death Registers, 1892-19774/28/2014
Hungary, Funeral Notices, 1840-1990 (in Hungarian)4/28/2014
Lambayeque, Peru, Civil Registration, 1873-1998 (in Spanish)4/28/2014
U.S., Deceased Physician File (AMA), 1864-19684/28/2014
Limburg, Netherlands, Parish Register Transcripts, 1600-1822 (in Dutch)4/28/2014
Moga, Punjab, India, Land Ownership Pedigrees, 1887-19584/28/2014
Switzerland, Vaud Terrier Records, 1234-1798 (in French)4/28/2014
Pohnpei, Micronesia, Land Records, 1971-20074/28/2014
Estonia, Petseri County, Surname Register Cards, 1921-1923 (in )4/24/2014
Slovakia, Census, 1869 (in )4/24/2014
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, African-American Census, 18474/24/2014
Switzerland, Schaffhausen, Directories, Emigration, and Genealogies, 1460-1952(in French)4/24/2014
U.S., Quaker Genealogies, 1893-20034/24/2014
U.S. and Canada, Quaker Monthly Meeting Historical Data, 1671-20104/24/2014
Barbados, Church Records, 1637-18874/24/2014
Haiti, Port-au-Prince, Civil Registration, 1794-1863 (in French)4/24/2014
Sri Lanka, Colombo District Dutch Reformed Church Records, 1677-1990 (in )4/24/2014
Austria, Evangelical-Lutheran Church Records, 1848-1900 (in German)4/24/2014
Costa Rica, Civil Registration, 1860-1975 (in Spanish)4/24/2014
U.S. and UK, Quaker Published Memorials, 1818-19194/24/2014
Wayne County, Indiana, Quaker Funeral Home Records, 1939-19744/24/2014
U.S., Quaker Cemetery Records, 1800-19904/24/2014
U.S., Index to Quaker Obituary Notices, 1822-20124/24/2014
Colorado, Statewide Marriage Index, 1900-19394/24/2014
U.S., Surname Index to Quaker Records4/24/2014
U.S., Hinshaw Index to Selected Quaker Records, 1680-19404/24/2014
U.S., Selected Quaker College Yearbooks and Alumni Directories, 1896-20034/24/2014
U.S., Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy, Vol I–VI, 1607–19434/24/2014
Indiana, Selected Quaker Meeting Directories, 1836-19214/24/2014
U.S. and Canada, Quaker Yearly Meeting Annual Reports, 1808-19304/24/2014
U.S., Remarried Widows Index to Pension Applications, 1887-19424/24/2014
U.S., Records of Confederate Prisoners of War, 1861-18654/24/2014
U.S., Union Provost Marshal Files of Two or More Civilians, 1861-18664/24/2014
U.S., Quaker Periodicals, 1828-19294/24/2014
Brazil, São Paulo, Immigrant Hostelry Records, 1882-1925 (in Portuguese)4/23/2014
Austria, Upper Austria, Linz Citizen Rolls, 1658-1937 (in German)4/23/2014
Georgia, Andersonville Prison Records, 1862-18654/22/2014
Utah, Davis County Records, 1869-19534/22/2014
Utah, Cache County Records, 1861-19554/22/2014
Montana, Lake County Records, 1857-20104/22/2014
Montana, Rosebud County Records4/22/2014
Montana, Yellowstone County Records, 1881-20114/22/2014
Mississippi, Confederate Records, 1889-19424/22/2014
Florida, Confederate Veterans and Widows Pension Applications, 1885-19554/22/2014
Arkansas, Confederate Pensions, 1901-19294/22/2014
Armenia, Church Books, 1838-1929 (in )4/22/2014
South Africa, Reformed Church Records, 1856-19884/22/2014
Bahamas, Civil Registration, 1850-19594/22/2014
Slovenia, Ljubljana, Funeral Accounts, 1937-1970 (in )4/22/2014
Philippines, Civil Registration (Spanish Period), 1706-19114/22/2014
South Africa, Dutch Reformed Church Records, Stellenbosch Archive, 1660-20114/22/2014
Montana, County Births and Deaths, 1840-20044/21/2014
Missouri, Confederate Pension Applications and Soldiers Home Applications4/21/2014
Mississippi, Confederate Veterans and Widows Pension Applications, 1900-19744/21/2014
Montana, Chouteau County Records, 1876-20114/21/2014
Montana, Cascade County Records, 1880-20094/21/2014
Missouri, Jackson County Voter Registration Records, 1928-19564/21/2014
Mississippi, Enumeration of Educable Children, 1850-1892; 1908-19574/21/2014
Guatemala, Civil Registration, 1877-1980 (in Spanish)4/18/2014
Nicaragua, Civil Registration, 1809-2011 (in Spanish)4/18/2014
Chile, Civil Registration, 1885-1903 (in Spanish)4/17/2014
North Carolina, Confederate Soldiers and Widows Pension Applications, 1885-19534/17/2014
Germany, Sachsenhausen Deaths, 1938-1942 (in German)4/15/2014
Russia, Lutheran Church Book Duplicates, 1833-1885 (in Russian)4/14/2014
Brazoria County, Texas Marriage Records, 1870-20124/14/2014
Poland, Roman Catholic Church Books, 1600-1950 (in Polish)4/14/2014
South Dakota, State Census, 19154/14/2014
Washington, County Marriages, 1855-20084/10/2014
Venezuela, Archdiocese of Mérida, Catholic Church Records, 1654-2011 (in Spanish)4/9/2014
Charlevoix County, Michigan, Death Index, 1868-20104/8/2014
Leiden, Netherlands, Birth Index, 1670-1913 (in Dutch)4/8/2014
Leiden, Netherlands, Marriage Index, 1575-1934 (in Dutch)4/8/2014
Leiden, Netherlands, Death Index, 1811-1960 (in Dutch)4/8/2014
Texas, Naturalization Records, 1881-19923/31/2014
U.S., Naval Enlistment Rendezvous, 1855-18913/27/2014
South Africa, Dutch Reformed Church Registers, 1660-19703/27/2014
California, San Joaquin, County Public Library Obituary Index, 1850-19913/26/2014
Idaho, County Marriages, 1864-19503/25/2014
West Virginia, Naturalization Records, 1814-19913/25/2014
South Africa, Free State Dutch Reformed Church Records, 1848-19563/24/2014
Brazil, Civil Registration, 1870-2012 (in Portuguese)3/19/2014
Denmark, Select Burials, 1640-1917 (in Danish)3/19/2014
Washington, King County Delayed Births, 1941-19423/19/2014
Savannah, Georgia, Registers of Free Persons of Color, 1817-18643/19/2014
Argentina, Buenos Aires City Census, 1855 (in Spanish)3/19/2014
Argentina, National Census, 1869 (in Spanish)3/19/2014
Utah, Salt Lake County Birth Records, 1890-19083/18/2014
Virginia, Winchester, Evening Star Obituaries, 1899-19093/17/2014
Guatemala, Guatemala, Ciudad de Guatemala, Censo, 1877 (in Spanish)3/13/2014
Argentina, National Census, 1895 (in Spanish)3/13/2014
Massachusetts, State Census, 18553/12/2014
Massachusetts, State Census, 18653/12/2014
Floyd County, Georgia, Eastview and Oakland Cemetery Index, 1837-20123/10/2014
Huntsville, Alabama, Cemetery Index, 1824-20133/10/2014
Ohio, Tax Records, 1800-18503/6/2014
Czech Republic, Select Marriages, 1654-18893/4/2014
Czech Republic, Select Births and Baptisms, 1637-18893/4/2014
New Mexico, World War I Records, 1917-19192/27/2014
Iowa, Marriage Records, 1923-19372/27/2014
Washington, County Deaths, 1891-19072/24/2014
Vermont, Enrolled Militia Records, 1861-18672/24/2014
Utah, Veterans with Federal Service Buried in Utah, Territorial to 19662/24/2014
Belgium, Antwerp Police Immigration Index, 1840-1930 (in French)2/24/2014
California, Death and Burial Records from Select Counties, 1873-19872/21/2014
California, Marriage Records from Select Counties, 1850-19412/12/2014
Rhode Island, Vital Extracts, 1636-18992/4/2014
Luxembourg, Select Deaths and Burials, 1702-1798 (in German)1/21/2014
Luxembourg, Select Marriages, 1700-1810 (in German)1/21/2014
Caribbean, Select Deaths and Burials, 1790-19061/21/2014
Samoa, Select Baptisms, 1805-19101/21/2014
Gibraltar, Select Marriages, 1879-19181/21/2014
Dominican Republic, Select Deaths, 1666-1862 (in Spanish)1/21/2014
Luxembourg, Select Births and Baptisms, 1662-1840 (in German)1/21/2014
Ukraine, Select Births and Baptisms, 1784-1879 (in Ukrainian)1/21/2014
Hungary, Select Baptisms, 1734-1895 (in Hungarian)1/21/2014
Austria, Select Burials, 1768-1918 (in German)1/21/2014
Barbados, Select Marriages, 1854-18791/21/2014
Panama, Select Deaths, 1840-1930 (in Spanish)1/21/2014
Guatemala, Select Deaths, 1760-1880 (in Spanish)1/21/2014
Paraguay, Select Marriages, 1800-1900 (in Spanish)1/21/2014
Colombia, Select Deaths, 1770-1930 (in Spanish)1/21/2014
Uruguay, Select Marriages, 1840-1900 (in Spanish)1/21/2014
Costa Rica, Select Deaths, 1787-1900 (in Spanish)1/21/2014
Russia, Select Marriages, 1793-1919 (in Russian)1/21/2014
Grenada, Select Births and Baptisms, 1866-18911/21/2014
Iceland, Select Marriages, 1770-1920 (in Icelandic)1/21/2014
Brazil, Select Deaths, 1750-1890 (in Portuguese)1/21/2014
Gibraltar, Select Births and Baptisms, 1704-18761/21/2014
Honduras, Select Marriages, 1800-1910 (in Spanish)1/21/2014
Barbados, Select Burials, 1854-18851/21/2014
Austria, Select Marriages, 1722 – 1898 (in German)1/21/2014
Ecuador, Select Deaths, 1800-1920 (in Spanish)1/21/2014
Liechtenstein, Select Births and Baptisms, 1650-1875 (in German)1/21/2014
El Salvador, Select Marriages, 1810-1930 (in Spanish)1/21/2014
Samoa, Select Burials, 1895-19701/21/2014
Bolivia, Select Deaths, 1750-1920 (in Spanish)1/21/2014
Finland, Select Burials, 1725-1909 (in Finnish)1/21/2014
Bahamas, Select Births, 1850-18911/21/2014
Panama, Select Marriages, 1800-1950 (in Spanish)1/21/2014
Dominican Republic, Select Marriages, 1743-1929 (in Spanish)1/21/2014
Belgium, Select Deaths and Burials, 1564-1900 (in French)1/21/2014
Russia, Select Deaths and Burials, 1815-1917 (in Russian)1/21/2014
Caribbean, Select Marriages, 1591-19051/21/2014
Peru, Select Deaths, 1750-1930 (in Spanish)1/21/2014
Paraguay, Select Baptisms, 1800-1930 (in Spanish)1/21/2014
Costa Rica, Select Marriages, 1750-1920 (in Spanish)1/21/2014
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Russia, Select Births and Baptisms, 1755-1917 (in Russian)1/21/2014
Barbados, Select Baptisms, 1739-18911/21/2014
El Salvador, Select Baptisms, 1750-1940 (in Spanish)1/21/2014
Chile, Select Deaths, 1700-1920 (in Spanish)1/21/2014
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Iceland, Select Baptisms, 1730-1905 (in Icelandic)1/21/2014
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India, Select Marriages, 1792-19481/21/2014
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India, Select Deaths and Burials, 1719-19481/21/2014
Philippines, Select Births and Baptisms, 1642-19941/21/2014
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Denmark, Select Marriages, 1635-1916 (in Danish)1/21/2014
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Norway, Select Baptisms, 1634-1927 (in Norwegian)1/21/2014
U.S., Select Deaths and Burials, 1867-19611/21/2014
Arizona, Select Deaths and Burials, 1910-1911, 1933-19941/21/2014
Oklahoma, Select Marriages, 1870-19301/21/2014
Georgia, Select Births and Christenings, 1754-19601/21/2014
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California, Select Marriages, 1850-19451/21/2014
Washington, Select Death Certificates, 1907-19601/21/2014
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Iowa, Select Marriages, 1809-19921/21/2014
Iowa, Select Deaths and Burials, 1850-19901/21/2014
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District of Columbia, Select Deaths and Burials, 1840-19641/21/2014
District of Columbia, Select Births and Christenings, 1830-19551/21/2014
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Mexico, Select Deaths, 1680-1940 (in Spanish)1/21/2014
Mexico, Select Marriages, 1570-1950 (in Spanish)1/21/2014
Mexico, Select Baptisms, 1560-1950 (in Spanish)1/21/2014
New Mexico and Texas, Select United Methodist Church Records, 1870-19701/16/2014
New York, New York, Death Index, 1862-19481/13/2014
New York, New York, Marriage Index 1866-19371/13/2014
New York, State Census, 18551/13/2014
New York, State Census, 18751/13/2014
U.S., Dutch Reformed Church Records from Selected States, 1660-19261/8/2014
Germany, Warsaw Jews Who Survived WWII, 19481/7/2014
Pennsylvania, Card Indexes to Genealogical Scrapbooks and Research Folders1/7/2014
Iowa, World War II Bonus Case Files, 1947-19541/6/2014
Cincinnati, Ohio, Oak Hill Cemetery Index, 1910-20121/6/2014
California, Birth Records from Select Counties, 1872-19871/6/2014