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Vital Records in British Columbia
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online searches, cemetery photos and archives in Victoria, Saanich, Esquimalt, British Columbia
I can also do lookups and send photos of text/photos from the following books:
- Canadian Historial compilation called "The Golden West" produced 1982 out of the memories of pioneers and residents of the municipality of Golden West 95, South East Saskatchewan.
- Gull Lake ,Saskatchewan 1966 Year Book
- The Amazing Kempthorne New World Registry, 1988
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Update:::I’m pretty sad about this but the BC Provincial archives is closed until 2021 due to Covid-19 :-/ I was hoping they’d come up with a way to protect everything and everyone and still allow volunteers into the archives.

You can search for vital stats records here and if it doesn't have the record online but gives you a microfilm number you can send that to me. I live in Victoria BC and get to the BC archives downtown. I can also get to to the physical archives at the Saanich or Esquimalt.

Many historical BC newspapers can be found here
The Victoria Public library has the Victoria Times Colonist available online from 2011 to 3 months ago. Older papers are found on microfiche at the downtown location (which I have access to).

I am excited to help you in your search.

I can take photos at any cemetery in this area----but I must admit, your request will likely be fulfilled faster by filling in a request at where 20+ people will compete with each other to be the first to take that photo.

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