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black sheep ancestor searches (prison/asylum/missing & wanted persons)
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I have accumulated several black sheep files I have transcribed/digitized so I can search my hard drive easily. So far I have approx. 12 Gb of info. That's a lot but a drop in the bucket to what is out there. I will search my files at no cost for now, if someone thinks I can help.
This info includes in part: prison, asylum, inmate, mug shots & Bertillon records, wanted & missing posters, photos, executions/last words/meals, poor/alms/work houses, orphanages, sanitariums, court records, road/prison camp, convict ships info etc. This info covers all U.S. states and many other countries as well and all time frames from 1600s to present but primarily 17th, 18th & 19th centuries.

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