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Southern California, Baja California, Ohio River Valley, Appalachian and Blue Ridge Moutain Heritage. and Pennysylvania Dutch Roots. Grandpa Pettit's was from East Midlands of England-- Danelaw area and Viking DNA
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I research mostly from Southern California, where I live centrally located between the Mexican border and Central California. I've been involved with DNA testing since for Genetic Genealogy since 1998. I have successfully found and worked with NPE/adoption studies that included such surname changes in the 1770's 1870's and in modern adoption cases. I have extensive work in colonial metes and bounds survey mapping projects in PA,VA MD and .. My research has included work in English, Irish, German, French/ Luxembourg and Prussian Poland area... I also have researched Spanish and Mexican Presidio, Mission, military and settlement records for California and Baja California and origins in Mexico. I also have works in SO Cal Native American records and Indian School records. I research historical and modern records
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I am familiar with many local libraries and the extent and content of their local history connections- I not only do ancestor research I do thematic historical research as well. I have received help form all over the country for free lookups by "angel"' when I need to determine if a new research find was the right person or not-- and know how much of a time and money saver that its- I want to return the goodness of the researching community-- I don't respond well to those who are saving a few bucks by not paying for info that are readily available online. Please don't request information on my dime to save yours for simple stuff-- I do know where things are tucked away in Southern California and who will drag their heels to assist family researchers- so a person visit tends to get things done.. I am here to help you. I do try to help a lot of people in several venues-- so please make sure to give me the back ground to do a good search for the records right off the bat.... so my website for broader picture of things I competently search--- I also have a general experience in other places - almost all states---

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