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Baden-Wuerttemberg, Heilbronn County, Germany
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lookups in Neckarsulm, Heilbronn County, Baden-Wuerttemberg, lookups or advise for searching in other places
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I offer free lookups here in the city of Neckarsulm, in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, southwest Germany. During many years of research I have acquired a vast collection of resources. As I also conduct commissioned research in Germany and in former German territories which belong to other countries since the end of the first and second world war, respectively, e.g. Czech Republic, France, Belgium, Poland. I have access to many records, so don't be afraid to ask if your ancestral town is another, I may be able to advise or do a lookup for you anyway. On my website you'll find a numerous emigrants from various places in Baden. When requesting a lookup please provide as many details as possible about your ancestor. The most crucial part is a place name as most records here were, and still are, created on local level.

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Mary-Ann is a wonder. She provided much more information than I expected. She stayed in touch throughout the process and translated the records she found for me. I can not say enough positive about her. A++ rating.

Lori | May 5, 2024

Mary-Ann responded very quickly and she gave me a lot of information. She is an awesome volunteer and I couldn't have had answers if it weren't for her. I can now evaluate and add the information into my program. Thank you so much!!

Sharon P | April 15, 2024

Mary-Ann is very helpful and fast, and friendly

Diane Ladebauche | November 30, 2023

Fast response. Offered several options for me to check out in my research. Very helpful

K | March 23, 2022

Mary-Ann was truly wonderful. All of my husbands family came from Luxembourg/German and all records are Greek to me. Mary-Ann went about and beyond helping me to understand records! Truly thankful!

Mary-Ann | September 2, 2020

Mary-Ann was very kind and helpful. She gave me additional resources and was very quick to answer my emails. Thank you!

Diane | February 21, 2020

Mary-Ann is fantastic! I was in need of some guidance, and was hoping for a little direction or a name of someone I could contact. Mary-Ann went above and beyond, and assisted me in more ways than I could have imagined or asked for! In the end, she was able to direct me to what I needed, and had also translated a few things that helped me prove a theory I was working on. I couldn't be happier! Thanks, again, Mary-Ann! Your help was invaluable and much appreciated!

Mark Murphy | February 20, 2020

Mary-Ann is awesome. Even though I did not understand the area my ancestors came from she was able to help guide me to resources that will likely help my search.

Such a fantastic person to work with and so very helpful!


James Hoskins | June 20, 2019

Mary-Ann is truly exceptional. I asked for her help in transcribing a death record for a person who had the same name as my ancestor. She sent the transcription the very next day with information that proved this was NOT my ancestor. She then searched and found the baptismal record for the correct ancestor, and it included the name of my 4th great-grandparents who were born about 1780! I am so thrilled to add them to my family tree. I would never have found their names on my own. Thank you again, Mary-Ann, for all your help.

Valerie Hausknecht | May 8, 2019

Mary-Ann was a great help in searching my German ancestors. She was very quick to respond and even provided much more information than requested. I can't thank her enough for all the help she provided. Thanks Mary-Ann

Herb Gaunt | February 2, 2019

Mary-Ann has been a pleasure to work with. She is responsive and very knowledgeable about German records and populations. If you need assistance reading old German script on records, she can help you there, too. A good resource all the way around!

Chris P | April 13, 2018
Bette Schiedler | April 11, 2017

Mary-Ann went out of her way to assist in finding my ancestors. She provided the documents necessary to verify placement as well as transcribing birth, marriage and death records that were written in old German script. I could not have done this on my own.
She was quick with her responses to all my messages.
Thank you so much!

desmc | May 12, 2016

Mary-Ann was very quick to get back to me & generously looked for both my 2nd great grandfather's birth record & his parents' marriage record in church records which were written in an old German script that I could not decipher. She was very responsive & even showed me the names of my ancestors in the documents. Her help was invaluable -- thanks!!!

Kathy Manese | May 3, 2016
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