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Types of Lookups
Online Sources, Courthouse Documents, Cemetery Photos, Owned Books, State / Local Library, State / Local Society, State / Local Archive, Vital Records
Carleton County
Volunteer Research Description

I'm willing to help with pretty much anything -- cemetery/building/location photography, family history interviews, family gathering/reunion photos, on-site record lookups or online lookups, digitizing documents or photos, or more-involved research tasks like organization, creating a research plan or tips for breaking down brick walls. I am also happy to try to answer general or specific questions about your specific research problem, general methodology, adoption research, DNA testing, my local area (greater Ottawa area, Carleton county, Ontario, CANADA) or locations of interest (see my profile). If you're not sure if I'm up for something - Just ask!

My ability and availability to assist you with any particular request will depend upon my personal schedule, situation and commitments but, please know, I try very hard not to commit to anything I cannot complete within the estimated time frame and I will ALWAYS keep you informed. For quicker requests (ie, questions), I should usually be able to respond within 48 hours. I am studying to become a professional genealogist at the moment so welcome all opportunities to learn more about what I don't know, to share what I do know and to figure out where my specialty may lie. I'm eager to help in any way I can, as often as I can, however involved your request might be. Yes, for free. Helping you helps me! And you can never have too many genea-friends!

I can access most local repositories within one week but will only promise/guarantee to keep you posted of progress. I am willing to travel for requests (ie, to Pembroke, Renfrew, Smiths Falls, Perth or over onto the Quebec side) but these will obviously have to be fit into my schedule and will require us to communicate in order to arrange timing and negotiate compensation (for my expenses only - ie, parking, copy fees or photography charge, mileage/gas only if I have none of my own research to complete at the same time -- I believe in paying it forward so, if any fee is passed on to you, it will be minimal).

I have access to Library and Archives Canada, City of Ottawa Archives, Ottawa Stake Family History Centre, all Ottawa-Gatineau and Carleton county museums and libraries, Carleton University Library, Algonquin College Library, all area cemeteries, courthouses and record offices. I will work on a more comprehensive list of local resources.

I own a digital SLR camera with various lenses, a digital video camera with microphone attachments, multiple scanners, micro recorders, an android cellphone capable of using apps, a colour printer and various video-to-CD/DVD transfer devices.

I have experience with most types of records but, if my experience is lacking, I am willing to learn in order to complete whatever request you might have and I am not afraid to explain the limits of my abilities nor to recommend alternatives if required.

Looking forward to working with you!



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