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Name: Janssen
Types of Lookups: State / Local Library
County/Region: Salt Lake County
Brief Directory Description: Inactive listing
Volunteer Research Description:

I am no longer able to visit the Family History Library regularly. Iā€™m keeping the listing up in case that changes, but for now I am unable to accept new requests.

Contact Email: janssenv@gmail.com
Country: United States Volunteers
State: Utah


Janssen handled my request with the utmost professionalism and delivered exactly what I was looking for.
Michael G | April 20, 2019
In a word wonderful. There is a reason for all the five star ratings. Wonderful service with excellent scans. Since I can no longer able to travel, I am so grateful for the help.
Kim Smith | April 20, 2019
Months ago I used this site and the researcher Jannsen. He was very polite and got exactly what I needed in a very timely manner considering his work load. I do thank him for his time and dedication to retrieving these out of reach records for people. Great Job!!
Christopher Metcalf, Sr. | February 2, 2019
Janssen was very friendly, and was able to quickly get the images I asked for without trouble!
Thomas | October 4, 2018
This was my first time using RAOGK. Janssen was great. Excellent communications, timely work, excellent results. I was inspired to join and pay it forward.
Raul Oteiza | September 1, 2018
Janssen lived up to the 5-star ratings others have posted–immediately told me how many requests were ahead of mine and what the estimated wait time would be, then delivered the image I'd requested much sooner than anticipated. A super volunteer whose generosity is much appreciated!
F.T.C. | August 17, 2018
You can't go wrong with Janssen!! He is direct, realistic, honest, and straight to the point. Simultaneously, he is courteous and respectful. When I sent in my request, he replied after roughly a week and explained that he had been on vacation, or he would have replied far earlier. He said I was fourth in his queue of favors, and as a result he may not be able to get to be for a few weeks. This is unsurprising, as his manner & conduct explains his popularity, but also refreshing & very appreciated, as he is straightforward from the get-go. A volunteer is a volunteer and he is ultimately helping others entirely for free, and realistically volunteers are people with their own lives & priorities. All one can ask from a volunteer who accepts a request for help is for them to be direct, courteous, & realistic, and that is precisely what Janssen is. I appreciate it wholeheartedly. In the end, he was even able to get to my request earlier than he had originally anticipated. I was more than happy to wait in the first place anyways, but it was undeniably nice to see his message pop into my email inbox earlier than expected. Thank you so much Janssen! My offer with regard to the NEHGS is always available. Just let me know!
Luciano | July 26, 2018
Good communicator,..generous with his lookups. Thanks again
Tony Noyeaux | July 26, 2018
Janssen is SO helpful, thorough, fast and professional. Amazing.
Nancy Stimson | April 19, 2018
Janssen was super efficient and was able to give me exactly what I asked for within a matter of days since my request was so specific. I am off to do more research.
Nancy Eckles | March 15, 2018
This person was excellent. He was fast, reliable, thorough. Highly recommend him
Ron Mack | March 1, 2018
Janssen was quite quick to respond to my request and looked thoroughly. I appreciate it and sorry for not posting this at the time (2016)!
Pat Webb | February 19, 2018
Thanks for taking your time to lookup records for me.
czipka67 | December 3, 2017
Janssen is absolutely amazing! He was fast, very kind and went way beyond the help I needed. I cannot possibly thank him enough!
AngelicW | November 12, 2017
Janssen does great work. Fast and skilled. Thank you so much!
mattartz | November 9, 2017
Went out of his way to help out with a difficult task. Very much appreciated.
Ruvane | November 2, 2017
Jansen is an awesome, compassionate, human being. She went above and beyond all expectations. Due to my inexperience my request was unrealistic, but she still insisted on helping me. Thank you so much for your understanding and dedication! Could not recommend Jansen any higher. There are no words to show my deep appreciation!
Sophie87 | May 5, 2017
Fast friendly service for a job well done.
Steven Thompson | March 12, 2017
janssen helped me retrieve important records. he was quick and very helpful. i really appreciated his support.
charles | November 29, 2016
Janssen was very helpful indeed.
JamesAshforth | June 8, 2016
Janssen did an awesome job. He was fast, and really went the extra mile to help me with my research. Thank you!
freebird99 | March 25, 2016
Janssen was very helpful! He located records for me at the Family History Library and promptly sent me copies. Thanks so much, Janssen!
Mark Deming | March 10, 2016
Janssen was AMAZING! Not only was he fast (same day help) but offered additional avenues to research besides the Family History Library where he scanned a document for me. Charlet
Charlet Roskovics | March 3, 2016
Janssen did an excellent job in looking up microfilm and sending me copies. Work was so greatly appreciated.
Sandee | March 2, 2016
Janssen was very willing to help, and help he did! Thanks for going the extra mile!
Jason Roberts | February 13, 2016
Janssen did a great job! She sent me a copy of the specific record that I asked for in a very timely manner. I really appreciate her efforts.
Meloralee | October 8, 2015

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