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Courthouse Documents; Local Libraries/Societies/Archives in South Jersey and Philadelphia (including surrounding counties). Vital Records (not always available in some jurisdictions)

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He has helped me numerous times.

Michael Siciliano | December 10, 2023

I really appreciated Derien's quick response and constant updates in responding to my request. Thanks so much.

Carolyn Bajoie | September 1, 2018

Derian has always done a great job for me in tracing records he is such a nice person and always goes out of his way. Thank you for all your help it is always very much appreciated.

Kieran McKernan | February 25, 2018

Received a quick reply that Derian would get back to me the following week. Month later have heard no more. Assume he didn't have time, but would have appreciated a note telling me that.

Beaverly | February 28, 2017

Derian has done look-ups for me before and always does such a nice job. I just found this site after the old one was closed for a long time. Thank you to all the hard researchers who take time to do such nice things for others.... especially Derian Andes

Joy | September 19, 2016
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