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West Central Florida
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Willing to do photos, if you know where to look. Pretty open to where, as long as it's within an hour drive.
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I'll primarily help with photos. If you need a record lookup, possibly, but you'll need to know exactly where to send me as those are a lot of red tape and they'll need to be open on weekends. Since this is a weekend thing for me, it's a LOT harder to do lookups, but if it's a church or other place open, I'll put it on the maybe list.

Now, the really big area does come with a cost...

If it's in northern Hillsborough County or southern-central Pasco, not worried about recompense. I get around enough on weekends, it's not a big deal. I'm not far from USF geographically, so these are all nearby things.

If it's elsewhere, I'll ask you to cover gas money. I'm not going to gouge you, I'll ask a fair compensation for actual used gas.

If I'm doing a day trip for you to something like Glades or Marion county, I'll probably ask for a $10 allowance for food. If I'm going to invest a several hours or up to my whole Saturday, I figure buying me lunch for my work is fair.

Now, I'm not going to go snap a single stone or marker and call it quits. I'll get several of your intended, and look around the area for others bearing same name and get those too. If sections are marked by family, I'll grab them all. Add in a few surrounding area shots. If you're sending me on a full tank road trip, I would recommend arranging a caretaker or church/temple/mosque/etc official meeting me there, and I'll get everything I can for you which would be a lot easier with their help.

If the download is too big for you, then I might also ask you to cover a USB drive to send you.

If you're sending me to a Jewish cemetery, I'll need name in both English and Hebrew, and please know about where to find it. I don't read Hebrew but I can match squiggles. This goes for any location where it might be non-English on the stones. Those are never fun, but I do them. If the place is small, and I can't find yours, I'll just grab every stone. Usually non-English are under 100 stones.

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