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Cemetery Photos, Owned Books, State / Local Library, Vital Records
Ottawa Ontario
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I live in Canada's capital and have access to Library and Archives Canada (LAC) and can do lookups there, and in the Province of Quebec Archives as well.
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I can do look-ups in Library and Archives Canada, in the City of Ottawa Archives, and also at the Province of Quebec Archives just across the river from where I live. I would ask only for copying costs and mailing costs if they are large.



Ms Turner never even replied to my email request.

Ron Smith | July 31, 2021

Although the results of the search for the missing Allen sisters who emigrated to Canada through the Home Child Migration Scheme in 1886 were a bit disappointing I must thank Brenda sincerely for being so thorough in her research. Her knowledge of the Dr. Barnado's Homes and the information she was able to supply was greatly appreciated. I don't believe anybody else could have done more.

Ken | August 25, 2019

I warned her she may find little to nothing on my ancestors. She was very much up to the challenge. She went above & beyond to try & help me. Unfortunately the brick wall still stands. WE believe we concentrated in wrong place. Now to check out other places. She is a wonderful lady. Thank you Brenda:-)

Novella3 | March 15, 2019

Helped me find access to the obituaries I was looking for, even though they turned out to be unavailable in her area. I cannot thank you enough, Brenda!

jamriki | February 6, 2018
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