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Types of Lookups
Online Sources, Courthouse Documents, Cemetery Photos, Owned Books, State / Local Library, State / Local Society, State / Local Archive, Vital Records
From Jackson,MS all the way to Shreveport,LA as far south as Lafayette,LA (Bepends on the request I can also do as far south as New Orleans,LA) and as far north as Crossett,AR
Volunteer Research Description

My time is free but any research or copies that I make they will be paid by you. Miles driven will also be paid by you that will run a charge of 5 cents a mile. A $20 deposit needs to be paid before any digging is done. If your total charge for your request is less then what your deposit is then you will be refunded the remaining money. You can also leave it as a credit to your account if you see yourself making more requests. If you have money remaining and put it as a credit your deposit pre-request will be taken from that credit. If your next request is within a month you will not be changed another deposit. You will only be changed one deposit pre-month. Your deposit is helping pay for gas and your copies if there is any. If your deposit doesn't fully cover your charge I will hand over what it did pay for till your account is fully paid then I'll hand over anything else.

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