When you are conducting genealogical research through DNA, there are different kinds of tests that are used for different purposes. Before buying a genealogy test, you should understand what kind of test(s) you are getting, what information will be researched, and what answers it can give you. One of the available methods is the Y-DNA test.


You are male – The Y chromosome is passed from father to son throughout generations, so this type of test can only be given to a male. However, if you are female and you want this information, you can ask a close male relative to take this test for the family line.
You are researching a paternal line or surname – If you are trying to find people with your surname who share your family line, a Y-DNA test is your best source. Because yDNA is passed through the family in the same way that surnames are usually passed (from father to son), this test is usually well-correlated with the paternal family line.
You have information to compare the results to – A yDNA test by itself is not going to tell you much. However, if you have DNA information to compare it to, then some questions can be answered. For example, you can confirm or rule out relation to another person who shares your last name if they have also taken a yDNA test. If you are part of a larger surname project, yDNA from all participants will be compared to find those with common ancestors.


While yDNA is most often passed from father to son throughout a long line of generations, there have been times when small changes called mutations have occurred in the genetic code. As this happens, a new “branch” is formed in the family line, and this mutation is passed to all who descend after the mutation. These branches are called “haplogroups.” Because of the vast amount of genetic information that exists, scientists have identified specific haplogroups, along with information about migration patterns associated with each group. Your yDNA test might be able to identify your haplogroup, giving you information about your more ancient family line.

If you researching your paternal line, you can find new insights by ordering a yDNA test today.

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